Vaastu and Celebrations

 This is the time for festivities like Christmas and New Year to be followed by the harvest festival of Makar Sankranti. Though Christmas and the English New Year is predominantly celebrated by Christians and people in western countries, nowadays they are being celebrated by people all over the world, irrespective of religion and language. Basically, it is the time of winter when everyone likes to have a good time with parties and feasts. Farmers harvest fresh crops and there is abundance of vegetables during this time, so people like to feast very often. In countries where the climate is cold,people enjoy bonfires and cook food outdoors with their friends and family.

Vaastu rules are the same for everyone,irrespective of whether he is Hindu, Muslim or Christian. While going for these festivities, certain laws of nature should be observed to make them successful. For example, whenever an external fire is lit for cooking or bonfire purposes, it should be located at the Southeast of the area. If it is placed at Northeast by mistake, the party will not have the desired impact. During Christmas, roasting a turkey and barbecue is very common. This cooking should be done at the Southeast.
The five basic elements play a vital role for any kind of celebrations. Vaastu is the system of balancing the five basic elements. Chinese Feng Shui also believes in this principle. It says that if the balance of the five elements is maintained, we stay grounded, centered and balanced in our life and the environment. For example, place a wooden bowl filled with stone pebbles alongside a candle and a vase of flowers. Few coins may be kept to add the metal element. According to Vaastu, it is very auspicious to keep a bowl of water with flowers at the Northeast.
Candles are used extensively during Christmas and New Year parties. Many people do not know this but candles have secret powers which can transform the energy of a place. Lighting a candle is an age-old practice in many families and faith traditions. This practice is common across international borders and societies. Lighting candles can bring serenity, focus and comfort. When a person wishes to meditate on a thought or idea but lacks the ability to form the appropriate words to express himself herself, lighting a candle is a traditional way to show the intensity of his or her thoughts and feelings.
Candles also provide support. That is why they are used in rallies and demonstrations.
The colour of candles is very important. Red, orange and yellow candles represent the Fire element. Candles in red, orange or yellow colors, combined with black, purple, blue and green candles, represent all five Feng Shui elements, which are associated with balance in personal, social and spiritual life.
Candles are Feng Shui symbols of the Fire element that create warm and pleasant homes. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home decorating principles, candles help achieve a state of energetic balance with the environment. They invite the warmth of fire into our homes, which is imperative for health, good luck and prosperity.
Candles are best used in the central part of the house. South, Southwest and Northeast areas of your house are good for Feng Shui placement also. Natural candles help keep the indoor air clean and healthy. Made with clean-burning wax and cotton wicks and scented with natural essential oils, these Feng Shui symbols are perfect for healthy room decoration. 
Always place candles in the central part of your house. Red, orange and yellow candles symbolize the home hearth. Create simple and elegant, functional and clutter-free room decoration with candles. Less furniture and home accessories help Feng Shui homes, allowing the Chi energy, activated by candles, to circulate freely.
Red, orange and yellow candles in the South brings fame and success. South-West placement is excellent for love. Metal candle holders and white candles, when placed in the West, is good for children and creativity. When placed in the North-West, it augurs well for friendship.
A room that is cold and depressing suffers from too much Yin energy. Introduce some much-needed yang by grouping three green candles near the entrance. If you like scented candles, choose a fresh aroma like lavender, peppermint or bergamot.
The Christmas tree is an inseparable part of Christmas. It is chiefly used for decoration and hanging gifts. If you are planning to place a Christmas tree in your house, keep the following this in mind.
1. The Christmas tree should not be kept near the main entrance door as it may hamper the career or professional lives of the inmates. It is better to keep this area vacant. The Christmas tree is good when placed at the North, East or Northeast which are areas for the water element.
2. The Christmas tree is very good for relationship-building. The right hand side of the house is the zone for this purpose. It should be decorated with red and pink lights. Do not use white lights.
3. If the Christmas tree is kept in the centre of the house for decoration purposes, use yellow or golden lights on the tree.
4. Since the Christmas tree has pointed leaves, it is advisable to keep it away from the sitting area. Otherwise, it may create tensions among family members and friends.