There is a saying, "Cut your Coat according to your Cloth". This goes for everyone meaning that we should spend within our means or income. Whenever we try to do that extra bit, we have to borrow. In fact, modern economics has made it in such a way that one can acquire things beyond reach by taking loans and paying in EMIs (Equated monthly Instalments) by paying at a nominal or high interest rate. This does not mean that one should keep on borrowing and acquiring stuff just to have a good materialistic life. The burden of interest can spell doom at times.

Vaastu has laid down several rules to cut down on expenses and manage your finances properly. If one is single, he/she should try to save 40% of the income. Married people should spend 70% and save the rest of the income. If this is not possible, then definitely the job is not right.In practice, it is always possible to save 20%.

1. Refrain from unnecessary expenses. Instead of trying to emulate others in modern life, go for traditional lifestyle.

2. Get up early in the morning and do Yoga. Drink lots of water, especially on an empty stomach in the morning. This will keep you healthy and curb expenses of medicines and treatment!

3. Instead of celebrating occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or get-togethers at hotels or resort, have them at home. It will cut down your expenses.

4. Do not try to copy others and live their style. Be yourself and live life in a simple way. Many people go bankrupt just trying to match their lifestyle with others and by trying to increase their status by being a pseudo.



As the population is increasing, there are more and more unemployed people in our midst. Because of this, people are resorting to unfair means to earn their livelihood. Cheating is one of the most common means used by them to race ahead in life. So one should be alert all the time so that he is not cheated.

VaastuShastra has mentioned several ways to avoid getting cheated. Keeping a mirror in front of the bed makes one vulnerable to outside negative forces and becomes subject to cheating easily. So avoid this. Using a light pink bedsheet in the master bedroom will protect one from being emotionally cheated in a relationship.

The River Ganges, according to Agni Purana, possesses natural elements which has the properties to purify. It is said that whoever or whatever touches Gangajal or water from Ganges, gets cleansed and all the sins are washed away. Dying people are administered Gangajalin the last moments. It should be sprinkled in the house so that the inmates are never prone to cheating.

The doors and windows are entry points of energy. NEVER sit on a door or window. This blocks flow of energy and makes one susceptible to cheating.

 Keep the washing machine at the Northwest of the house. Housewives should make it a point NOT TO keep dirty utensils for a longer period. This breeds negative energy. Married ladies should not wear red clothes at home except on special occasions. They become vulnerable to cheat on their husbands.

Keep white sandalwood (Chandan) in the house in such a way so that everyone can see it. Seeing white chandan is very auspicious.



A house should be peaceful and happy. Having constant quarrels between family members makes it hell for everyone. The presence of negative energy is the chief cause of this.

A house should be designed in such a way so that there is lot of positive energy. The following tips should be adopted so that there is ample positive energy entering the house.

1.  Take a peacock feather and sweep the interior of the houses (not the floor) from top to bottom in a sweeping motion. This will remove negative energy.

2.  The flute is a symbol of luck and wealth. Keep some flute in the slanting position on the wall visibly. Flutes can be fitted under beams to remove negative effects of beams.

3. Sweep the floor of the house with saltwater regularly. Keep a bowl of salt in the south-western corner of the house. Change it after 4-5 days or when it becomes dirty. Salt absorbs and disintegrates negative energy.

4. Silver Swastikas on both sides of the main door will not allow negative energy to enter the house. Experts say that 75% vaastu defects can be countered with the swastikas.

5. Make sure that there is no toilet or kitchen in front of the main door. An empty wall or post in front of the main door is also very bad. They create conflicts among family members.



When you feel that you are not able to achieve your aims despite your best effort, or when there is prevalence of uneasiness at home, you should try to improve the positive energy of the house. Feng Shui offers some inexpensive methods like having certain energisers to boost the household.

Fu Dogs are very effective in doing this. They look like lions and very attractive to look at. Many palaces or temples have a pair of Fu Dogs near the main entrances. In Assam, we can see them in many naamghars (places of worship) in Upper areas of the State,

Fu Dogs must be kept in pairs and it is believed that they can guard against negative elements. It is best to construct them using metals but wooden,stone or ceramic ones will serve the purpose equally.

Fu Dogs are also called Guardian Lions by many and they can be used in places of work too. They protect the owner of business against evil forces. Pairs of guardian lion statues are very common decorative and symbolic elements at the entrances to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other structures, with one sitting on each side of the entrance, in China and many Asian countries. Lord Astor and Lady Lenox.

Feng Shui also suggests other protective items like the Dragon, the tortoise, the elephant, three legged frogs, gold fish, flying bats, etc to bring in positive energy but Fu Dogs and Dragons are most commonly used to ward of negative energy.