Do not make these Vaastu mistakes to start the day!


It has become a ritual for many mobile phone users to check the phone first thing in the morning! Almost all of us receive a minimum of 2-3 good morning messages on Facebook or on our Whatsapp in the morning. Those who are in different groups of friends and familes receive 100s of them! This has become an unavoidable job of importance in the mornings. It brings with it hope, joy, health, happiness and lots of energy for many of us. But without realising, we drain out all that fresh energy that was acquired with a goodnight's sleep with silly Vaastu mistakes like spending the valuable time on the mobile phone. Here are some Vaastu rules for modern lifestyles:

1. One should NOT start the day by checking messages on the phone. You do not realise but It is actually true that nowadays almost every one of us, starts our day by checking the messages on our mobile phone. A negative comment on your Facebook post or comment, a gory picture or video, one rude joke and your day may be spoilt. The morning is the time for Yoga, exercise and meditation or prayer. Start your day by talking to yourself for few minutes. Thank god that you have one full day to live life. Plan to utilise it to the fullest and then get out of the bed. It is an ancient practice to worship the sun god with folded hands before starting off for anything.

2. Do NOT wear clothes which you do not like. It may be a newly bought piece but if you do not like the clothing, nobody can make you wear it. Always wear the outfit which you love or are comfortable with. Dirty, loose or too tight and clumsy clothes can spoil the day. Sometimes, one feels really nauseous after eating a meal while wearing tight pants! You feel better only when you loosen a button or two! Similarly wearing a particular colour on the wrong occasion can make you a laughing stock!

3. Do NOT use cracked Tea or coffee mugs. If you have any cracked piece of bone china, just throw it away. Do not use cracked tea/coffee mugs right at the start of the day. They have negative energy.

4. Clear all clutter from your bag. Anything that we keep in the bag can gather dust and dirt which attracts Shar or negative energy. Kept for a longer period, they can produce a lot of negativity without us knowing about it.

5. Water has the property to cool us and stay calm. So always carry a flask of water with you wherever you go. May it be workplace or outdoors, carrying your own water has lot of benefits. It is a good habit to keep a bottle of drinking water in the car.

6. Never leave home on an empty stomach. If the meal is not ready, grab an apple or a biscuit before leaving. Even a glass of water will do. This is like driving a car without petrol. Many will vouch that they had to go without food the whole day as they started off without eating anything. Eat something even if you are not hungry or pressed for time.

7. DO NOT shout or beat the child to wake him/her up. It is like making someone work at gun point. The negative energy from your child will spoil your day.

8. DO NOT drive a dirty car. If you do not have the time or facility to wash it, at least wipe it or brush it. A dirty car can spoil your image, just like going to work or meet someone in dirty and old clothes. It is bad Vaastu to drive a shabbily kept car. Just wipe the glasses and dust the floor mat before setting off.

9. Go to your workplace with a fresh mind set. Do not enter office with the bad memories of bitter experiences with the boss or colleague which happened the previous day. Your approach at work should be professional without getting involved in intra-office squabbles. Remember, the office is different from your family and close friends. Stay away from politics of office or any organisation which you are associated with.

10. DO NOT leave food on plate. It is extremely bad Vaastu to leave food on your plate, especially in the morning. Food is scarce and millions are hungry in this world. Imagine the amount of hard work the farmers have to put in to produce the food we eat. Wasting food is considered a crime not only in Vaastu, but also in general parlance.


1. DO NOT bring shoes inside the house. Leave the mud-laden footwear outside. If we enter the house with the dirty or muddy pair of footwear, it can bring in lot of germs and negative energy for the family. Shoes and sandals should be kept in a rack outside, except the Northeast.

2. Do NOT hang wet clothes on wooden doors. It is obvious that the water dripping on the doors will spoil the timber and make them rot eventually. This is a problem for most bathroom doors.

3. Avoid roadside bhutta or smoked Corn. It is a very attractive snack during rainy season but eating roadside food during monsoons may invite all sorts of health problems. It is better to buy fresh corn cobs and roast it at home.

4. Keep rooms well-lit to balance energies. Dark rooms are breeding grounds of negativity. During the monsoon, dark clouds prevent sunlight from coming inside the house. Bright lights should be lit to brighten the rooms.

5. ALWAYS KEEP THE PETS SAFE: Sometimes we neglect the pets during rainy weather and leave them outside so that they do not dirty the house with their feet. They are also like family members and they should be treated with love and care. There should be a shelter for them too.

6. INDOOR PLANTS: Monsoons are happy times for all kinds of plants. They should be given the natural touch. Instead of keeping them inside your living room, keep them outside to enjoy the natural gift of the rainy season.

7. AVOID LEATHER ITEMS IN RAINY DAYS: Leathers absorb moisture and fungus is formed if kept in damp places. This is not healthy to carry or wear them. During the monsoons, wear leather shoes only after drying them thoroughly. Avoid leather handbags, etc and use alternate ones instead.

8. THE STAIRCASE: Mop the stairs with disinfectants twice a day. The staircase easily gathers germs, mud and dirt during rainy season. Keeping them clean and mopping with disinfectants is a must.

9. DO NOT EAT ON THE BED: This is not only a bad habit as food particles may fall on the bed inviting pests and germs, but this is also considered bad by Vaastu. Children should be taught not to inculcate this habit.

10. TEACHING THE CHILDREN: It is very important to teach the kids to wash their feet every time they enter the house. They have the tendency to throw their shoes and jump straight on the bed! This can bring in lot of germs from outside on to the bed.


Q. We are thinking of buying a flat which is facing the East with the master bedroom at South and another room at the West. There is opening at South which brings lot of sunshine in the rooms. Only the position of the kitchen is at the North and there is gust toilet at Northeast. I know these are not good. What can be done about them?

N. Sarma, via email

Ans: The toilet at Northeast and the kitchen at North have spoiled everything. As it is only an apartment and not your house as yet, look for a different one with a better orientation. Nobody is forcing you to buy or is it so? It is like walking inside a mine field with protective armour.