Proper Vaastu can help you from being cheated

 We get cheated in life on several occasions. Sometimes, you feel that someone has promised you something but did not keep his or her word. This also amounts to a feeling of cheating. You even get cheated by your dear and near ones over small matters. In business and transactions, we face a lot of false situations. Monetary and emotional cheating can be dangerous and people do all sorts of negative things out of depression or vengeance. 

A cheating partner in relationships can change a life of person in a negative way. People resort to alcohol and drugs after being cheated in a relationship. For married couples, cheating on each other can lead to separation and bitter relations.
Vaastu Shastra has laid down some rules which, if followed properly, will prevent a person from being cheated. For example, married persons should use light colours like pink bed sheets in their bedroom. They should never keep a mirror directly in front of the bed.
The water of the holy river Ganges has properties of purification. People take dips in that river believing all their sins would be washed away. Dying persons are administered Gangajal (water from Ganges) so that they can attain salvation or moksha. Water from this holy river should be sprinkled on the household regularly to prevent one from being cheated.
The doors and the windows are the entry points of energy into the house. DO NOT sit on the windows or doors of the house. This will make one vulnerable against cheating.
If there is a washing machine in the house, the same should be kept at Northwest. It should never be kept at Southeast or Southwest. The housewives should take care that used utensils are not kept dirty for a longer period. They should be washed overnight itself otherwise they will breed negative energy.
White sandalwood has properties to purify. It should be kept in the house in such a way so that it is visible to all. White sandalwood carved statues are best for this purpose. If it is kept in the puja room, place it in the open area visibly. In South India and many places of the North, people wear white chandan tilaks (sandalwood marks) on the forehead before setting out for any work. It is believed that evil eyes are warded off via this. White sandalwood is very auspicious and good for prosperity.
This is a question very frequently asked. One should never hang the picture of their deceased relatives in their puja room or temple. It is said that if you do this, a lot of inauspicious things will happen to you and your family. You can hang pictures of your deceased relatives in the Northeast direction of your house. But make sure that there is no temple or puja room in that corner of the house.
The south is recommended by Vaastu to hang/keep photos of deceased members. They can also be put up in the North direction of the house.
Do not hang the picture of your ancestors in the South West direction of the house. It is said that by doing so, it can lead to a lot of arguments and fights in the house. This can also lead to a divorce between a couple. For the same reason, photos of dead ancestors should not be kept in the master bedroom. It is like somebody is watching you all the time!
Do not hang the picture of your ancestors in the middle of your house or the drawing room. It is believed that by doing so, it can spread negativity around the house. It can also be the cause of sudden deaths in the family.
THE STOREROOM: This is perhaps one of the most neglected areas of the house. We need storing areas for our groceries, clothes, shoes, household items and so many things. We give utmost importance to the puja room, kitchen, living room or the study but ignore the store room. The locations of the store room may vary according to their usage. The place to store food items and shoes can never be the same.
THE FOOD STORE: It is obvious that this room should be free from dirt and dampness. If water bodies are kept nearby like a basin or tap, fungus and bacteria may breed out of dampness. It should be at South or Southeast, near the kitchen, where enough sunlight falls, keeping it dry and free from bacteria. As the South is ruled by Mars, the heat energy from that direction keeps the food fresh, devoid of any moisture.
The door of the room should be at North, East or Southeast (from South). Heavy items like the jar or tin of rice, wheat or sugar should be kept in the Southwest. Inflammable fire Items used for like LPG cinders, kerosene, etc should be stored in the south-eastern part. Do not keep empty containers in the food store. It signifies poverty. The food store can be higher than the other room of the house. White, cream or light yellow are best colours. Little bit of red can be used at South.
STORING JUNKS: Almost everyone has some amount of junk in their houses. As this should be disposed from time to time, the ideal place to store junks is at Northwest. The eastern side of this room should be left vacant. White, blue and yellow are ideal colours at Northwest.
Shun the habit of storing worn out clothes, mattresses, quilts or blankets. They absorb negative energy. Dispose them as soon as possible. Check medicines or items having expiry date. Anything which is past their expiry date must be discarded immediately.
SLEEPING IN THE STOREROOM: Sometimes, due to lack of space, people sleep in the storeroom. This should be avoided as old items in the store room produce negative vibrations which are not good for health. Generally, the store rooms are kept closed most of the time and a peculiar smell is generated due to this. Doors and windows must be opened from time to time to get rid of this negative odour which is bad for the inhabitants.
CLOSETS: It is obvious that the place to store clothes must be near the bedroom and the bathroom. Ideally, they are kept at the West and South. Do not store old and torn clothes. They should be disposed immediately.