There are various theories as how VaastuShastra came into existence. We will go by the first recorded ones. Among the four "Vedas" of Hinduism, the Atrarvaved mentions about "SthapatyaVed", which is about structures. This is regarded as the base of VaastuShastra. It mentions about VaastuShastra having a close relation with astrology. So certain Vaastu remedies are taken with the help of astrology. This science is called Astro-vaastu.

Lord Brahma's foster son Viswakarma built this earth with the help of VaastuShastra. Lord Krishna wanted to build a township for the citizens of Mathura in a similar manner. So he requested Viswakarma to build Mathura in such a way that its inmates were always happy.
So Lord Viswakarma built the Dwarka City in the middle of the sea. Its houses were made of gold. Lord Kuber's best chariot and Lord Varun's dark blue horse were donated to Dwarka. Lord Indra sent his courtyard named Sudharma.
This magnificent city went inside the sea when it could not bear the sins of the earth. The remains of this city can still be found under the sea at Guarat.
Bamboo:It is very beneficial in solving problems related to the Sun. Wearing bamboo roots in the neck removes any problems with the father. Gifting the father a bamboo flute or a "baint" improves love with father. If you suffer from fever, then wear the bamboo root in your neck. Don't burn bamboo in your home. If you're going to a place where you have to face your enemy, then wear the bamboo root around your upper arm. To tackle enemies in your ob, do "siddhi" of bamboo root via the Maabaglamukhijap and wear it in a yellow cloth on a Thursday.
The bamboo plant can be kept in the office for success. It removes mental stress. Feng Shui recommends small bamboo saplings kept in a pot in the home for good luck and prosperity. It is supposed to increase creativity and self confidence.
Areca Palm tree: This looks like the coconut tree. It is very auspicious in the office. It brings positive energy.
Moth Orchid:This plant is very lucky for the office. Purple coloured ones are especially lucky for money.
In joint families the conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very common. Here are some Vaastu tips to solve this problem:
1. The bedroom of the married couple should be at West or South while their parents should stay in the southwestern room. The southwestern room is designated for the eldest of the house and if the son and daughter in law are occupying this room, then there is bound to be conflicts with the in-laws.
2. The kitchen should NEVER be at the centre of the house.It will kill all the relations. The kitchen at Northeast will also bring tensions with the in-laws.
3. As the kitchen is ruled by the fire element red is its ruling colour. On the contrary, Blue should never be used in the kitchen. It will dampen the fire element. The blue color is also associated with poison.
4. For better relationships among family members, frame a family photograph in a red frame and keep it at the West or East of the bedroom.
Some tips are provided here so that there are no negative effect on health and family life.
1. DO NOT buy a property from an unsuccessful person even if the price is low.
2. DO NOT buy the uppermost floor/apartment
3.A house must receive natural sunlight and fresh air. If it is blocked or surrounded by big structures, change that house.
4. The main door must be slightly away from the main road.
5. (V) shaped houses should not be bought. They are breeding places for diseases.
6.If there are two doors in the house, both should not be opened at one time.
7. A house should not be near a Jail, hospital, burial ground or a temple or church/mosque
8.A house having several corners should not be bought.
9. Fix a BaGua mirror having eight sides on the main door
10. A boundary wall is a must for any plot. You can also have hedges in the boundary which will not allow negative energy to come in.
11. A house at a T-junction is not good. There may be accidents.
If someone gets a groom or bride according to their choice through arranged marriage, there is nothing like it. But if it is not so, life may become hell for both of them and their families. Vaastu defects are responsible for this to certain extent. By following these Vaastu tips, Vaastu defects can be removed so that one can get the proper life partner.
1. When a street ends in your plot or house, this is very auspicious for marriage. Try to avoid such plots or take remedies accordingly.
2. When someone come to see you for wedding purpose, sit facing the North.
3. DO NOT hang pictures of the setting sun or acrying child. Keep happy pictures of marriageable couples or Radha Krishna.
4. Keep a knife under the pillow. This will not bring bad dreams.
5. Do not fix a mirror in front of the main door. It will reduce the chances of a good relationship.
6. During wedding, let the guests sit at West or Northwest.
7. Do not have any obstructions in front of the main door like a tree, pole, staircase, dust bin, etc.