High Blood Pressure is caused by narrowing of the blood vessels causing the heart to pump more blood than required. It can be caused by deposition of fat near our veins and arteries due to high fatty food, excessive consumption of liquor and tobacco, stress and anxiety, tensions, etc. While some of the causes are due to our habit and lifestyle, the psychosomatic causes can be controlled by certain Vaastu remedies.




1. Keep a bowl of salt in the corner of the house to facilitate positive energy in the house. The salt absorbs negative energy. When it becomes dirty, change it.

2. There should be enough air and natural sunlight coming into the house.Fresh energy destroys negative energy.

3. Face the North or East while eating. If food is consumed facing the South, there may be digestion related problems.Eating while facing the West also causes stomach problems.

4. The Southeast is the zone of the fire element. If the bedroom is placed in the Southeast, there are possibilities of inmates suffering from high blood pressure. Existing high B.P. patients should avoid rooms at the Southeast.

5. NEVER sleep with the head to the North. This will cause insomnia and headache as the blood flow will increase. Always sleep with the head to the South.




Unknowingly, Vaastu defects stand on the path of progress and developments, denying success. Small Vaastu measures can overcome this problem. So whenever difficulties are faced and no possible causes are seen, Vaastu reassessment must be done in the house. Sometimes, it is possible to rectify Vaastu defects without demolition. 

We are providing 11 Vaastu tips which can be used to rectify Vaastu defects and bring about happiness, wealth and prosperity.

1. Place the wall clock on the north-eastern direction. Your time will pass off well.

2. Place the dining room at the Northwest which will keep you away from ailments.

3. For peace and prosperity, locate the drawing room at the East or Northwest.

4. The toilet and bathrooms are best at the Southwest but not in the corner.In fact, toilets are to be avoided in all the corners of the house.

5. Place the master bedroom at the Southwest.

6. Important files,etc should be kept at the Northeast for success. This is especially beneficial for matters related to courts.

7. Keeping the puja room or place of worship at the Northeast can negate Vaastu defects. This will also increase the name and fame of the individual.

8. Keep the chest or almirah of valuables at the South facing the North. It can also be kept at the West facing the East.

9. If the kitchen is located at the Southeast and the cooking is done facing the East, all the family members will be healthy and happy.

10. Keep the Northeast corner of every room empty. DO NOT keep any heavy objects in this corner. On the contrary, keep heavy objects at the Southwest corner.

11. The Northeast corner of the house/plot is considered the head of Lord Shiva and VaastuPurush. DO NOT make any toilets at the Northeast. Fantastic results are obtained, if a Tulsi (Basil) plant is kept here and worshipped with oil lamp and a pot full of water daily.




Effects of Vaastu on health have been discussed and explained several times in the past. Though pregnancy is not regarded as a health issue, overall physical health is involved in the entire process of childbirth, starting from conception. Naturally, Vaastu will also be involved. Here are 25 Vaastu tips that need to be followed during pregnancy and childbirth.

1. Keep pictures of happy and smiling babies in your bedroom.

2. Don't sleep under the beam.

3. Choose the master bedroom in the Southwest direction as this direction will boost romance and fertility in your life.

4. Keep your heads towards the South direction.

5. Put a laughing Buddha with babies in your bedroom.    

6. Grow some fruit trees in the South-West direction in your backyard and garden. Fruits represent children.

7. When you are trying to conceive, avoid any construction or renovation work in your home.

8. Clean your main entrance door on a regular basis.

9. Remove all clutter which might block your main entrance door.

10. Enhance the West corner of your bedroom.

11. Place a pair of elephant pictures with trunks down in your bedroom as elephants are associated with pregnancy.

12. Remove all clutter under the bed.

13. Enhance your West or Northwest area with metal decoration items.

14. Put fresh flowers in your bedroom to enhance positive energy in your bedroom.

15. Increase your fertility luck by having a picture or symbol of pomegranate in your bedroom.

16. Don't put any water bodies in your bedroom.

17. Don't put any indoor plant in your bedroom.

18. Hang a crystal in the children's area (West direction).

19. Use light colour like pink or cream in your bedroom.

20.If you have bedroom in Southeast direction then change it to the Southwest or Northwest.

21.Avoid painting of crying girl, violence and wild animals in your bedroom.

22. Put Rose Quartz crystal in your bedroom.

23. Sleep on the left side of your husband.

24. If you have attached toilet in your bed room then close the door tightly when not in use.

25. Remove mirrors from your bedroom.




Q. I wish to start my new house before the month of Chaitra. My pundit says that there is no good date for starting a new house before April. Please advise what to do.

B.K. Sharma, Hatigaon

Ans: Yes, according to the almanac, there are no auspicious dates for commencement of a new house before April! But if you must do so, consult and get a good date for Ganesha Puja or commencement of new business and get going. But avoid the month of Chaitra for this purpose.