A nice and beautiful aquarium with colourful fishes adds to the beauty of the living room. The fish aquarium acts as rectification for many Vaastu defects. There are rules for keeping the aquarium as per Vaastu.

A correctly-placed fish aquarium can bring in success and harmony. If it is used incorrectly, the same fish aquarium can ruin household happiness and bring financial losses.
It has been observed that by looking at an aquarium, one can get relief from high blood-pressure, stress, anxiousness and many more diseases. Research has shown that if a child is suffering from anxiety, he gets healed early by viewing a fish aquarium for a prolonged period of time.
The water element plays an important role in aquariums.
Water: The water inside the fish tank represents life and if the water is moving (by pump or some other device), then it represents liveliness or positive energy flow in life.
Fishes: Movement of fishes in aquarium generates and enhances positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness. Feng-Shui experts are of the opinion that the more rapidly fishes move within an aquarium, the more positive energy (Chi) they generate and more prosperity, wealth and happiness is attracted. So it is better to have enough length of the aquarium for the fish to swim.
1. Natural death of a fish in an aquarium signifies the end of a problem.
2. An aquarium generates a lot of positive energy and eliminates negative and evil energies from a home.
3. Good, healthy and active fishes attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
4. Observing fishes in an aquarium relaxes and calms a human mind.
5. Feeding hungry fish adds to good karma.
6. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu's 1st reincarnation on earth was the fish and hence, fishes are believed to absorb a huge amount of negative energy and radiate positive energy.
7. If you feel that a certain problem in your office or home is because of a Vastu defect, then placing a fish aquarium can eliminate that problem.
8. Colourful, attractive and active fishes draw attention of guests and hence, they remain more focused on the fish tank. Also all the negative and evil energy they give off is absorbed by aquarium and gets converted to positive energy. So corporate houses like 'The State Bank of India' keeps aquariums prominently near the customer area. 
1. Keep ornamental and healthy fishes in the fish tank.
2. Make sure that the number of fishes in the tank is nine.
3. A combination of dragon and gold fishes is very auspicious.
4. Out of nine fishes, keep eight fishes of the same variety and one of other. For example, eight dragon or gold fishes and other one fish can be of black color.
5. If a fish dies naturally, it is not a bad omen and replace the dead fish with a new fish.
6. Vastu for fish aquarium suggests keeping fish tank well aerated, clean, hygienic and serene. Use water filters, water pumps or water circulating devices and decorative stones,  etc.
7. Only one person should feed the fishes regularly.
8. Keep the fish tank in the living or drawing room of a home as per fish aquarium Vastu Shastra. The North and East are the best directions for keeping an aquarium.
9. The fish tank should not be kept in the kitchen as it is the place of the fire element. Similarly, it should not be kept in the bedroom because water bodies are banned in bedrooms, except drinking water at night. If an aquarium is placed in these places, it causes food and sleeping-related problems.
It is universally said that Health is Wealth. In Sanskrit, they say Arogyam Dhanasampada , which is considered true since ancient ages. We must take care of our body and the food we eat because we are made up of what we consume.  There are some factors as per Vaastu which are responsible for good health. People tend to forget them and as a result we suffer from various physical problems. If we do not receive positive energy from a place, we are bound to suffer. Proper vaastu can make the inmates healthy and happy. One cannot be happy and at peace if someone or the other is suffering from bad health.
Yoga and Ayurveda says that there are seven major chakras or energy centres in our body. These chakras receive Prana or vital energy into the body. To have a sound body and mind, these chakras must be open and healthy too. Proper Vaastu activates these chakras naturally. There are other yogic and alternate medicine methods like Pranic Healing or Reiki to activate chakras also. But as Vaastu is acting on us all the time, it is important that we take care of the Vaastu in the house. Some health tips are provided below:-
 1. The sleeping position is of utmost important. We must sleep with our heads facing the South for a good sleep and blood circulation. Children may sleep with their heads to the East.
2. Check your medicine stock. DO NOT keep medicines after expiry date. Similarly, keeping medicines which are not taken may have negative effect on your health. Dispose them.
3. DO NOT sleep or work under a beam. Beams send heavy energy pressure downwards which may affect your health.
4. Take care of your toilets and bathroom as they are a breeding ground for negative energy. This is the place where all waste products of the body are disposed. It should never be left open except the windows.
5. Check your South and West directions. There should not be any water body in these directions.
Q. What is Vaastu Veda? Is it different from Vaastu Shastra?
Ankit Jain, Guwahati
Ans: The mention of Vaastu is there in our ancient scriptures like the Vedas and Puranas. Vaastu Shastra is the science of designing buildings in accordance with the laws of nature. Vedic Vaastu is same as normal Vaastu minus the present day innovations like electricity and machines but the principles are the same.
Q. I am in a transferable job. I live in a rented house. Is there any point in making changes in the kitchen? How long does it take for Vaastu to take effects?
Ashok Sharma, via email
Ans: Normally, Vaastu changes take about 45 days to six months to have any effect. But some changes can bring about positive results immediately like closing of a water body at the Southwest or creating one at the Northeast. If you are likely to move out of the house very soon, then instead of making structural changes you should go for short term measures like pyramids or yantras. But if your landlord is willing to make the changes, then you can go for it.