The floors cover a major part of the house, almost the entire carpet area. So just like the colour of the walls, the choice of flooring also has a major Vaastu impact on the lives of the inmates. Choice of wrong colour can bring unforeseen troubles. Most often, people seem to neglect the floors while going for style and luxury.

During ancient times, people of India had mud flooring, and the floors of houses were regularly mopped and levelled with cow dung. Small insects like, centipedes, scorpions, tickles, etc don't come near to places which are coated with the paste of cow dung. The dung acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes stay away from such places.
In China, timber was used widely in structures and floors. This practice is still followed in forest-rich areas of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland , Uttaranchal or Kashmir. Timber has the property to repel negative energy. Wooden floors protect the inmates against cold but it requires maintenance from insects and dampness. 
In hot and warm areas like Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, marble, sandstone, granite or Kota stones are used as flooring. They keep the house cool.
1. According to Vaastu, the North direction should have dark flooring like black. It prevents negative energy in that direction.
2. As the Northeast is ruled by Lord Shiva, blue is recommended here. So shades of blue should be used on the floor tiles at Northeast to keep it auspicious.
3. The East is responsible for fame, success and social respect and status. As the sunrays hit the East at first, dark green colors will make them more prominent. So go for green at the East.
4. The Southeast is the direction of Lord Brahma. So purple can be used to make it auspicious.
5. South is a very potent direction as it receives the maximum sunlight at its best. So colours like orange representing the fire element should be used on the floors at South. This is why lot of people do not recommend the main entrance at South.
6. The Southwest is the direction where married couples should sleep. Lighter colours are better here. Light Pink colour can be used to promote love and relationship.
7. The West is also a direction of Goddess Laxmi like the North. So it should be kept clean and bright for her entry. So, white floors without any designs are recommended at the West.
8. Whenever a particular colour is not available or possible for the flooring, carpets or rugs of similar colour may be used.
The geo-magnetic forces of earth act on us all the time. Depending upon the activity and directions, these may act differently in different places. That is why certain activities are better in some directions while some are not.
If you have pets at home, you will notice that they like to sleep in a particular place only which becomes their favourite place. Animals are very sensitive to natural forces and they find the exact place free from geo-pathic stress for them. Cats and dogs sometimes sleep for hours in their designated place. Let us see what happens to us in different directions for different activities.
One of the foremost rules is never to sleep under a beam. They bring negative energy and can create family conflicts besides physical problems.
It is a very useful household appliance in modern society. For working couples, it is a boon where domestic help is not available. But as it uses electricity and water, improper placement and use of the washing machine may spell negative Vaastu energy.
Since the washing machine is operated by electricity, the Southeast should be considered for it. This direction is also responsible for our thoughts and analysis. If you are facing some problems in your career, you may place the washing machine at the North. The water element will augment your chances for a better career.
DO NOT keep the washing machine at Northeast thinking that the use of water at Northeast will benefit you. This may have adverse effects on your health by making the Northeast heavy besides use of electricity.
Sound is associated since the creation of the universe. Sounds are vibrations of energy waves which expresses the nature. Sound waves can destroy negative energy. The sound of bells at temples, mosques and churches has the property to generate positive vibrations and destroy negative energy. It is customary in Feng Shui to use Windchimes to generate positive energy. In India, people have been using musical instruments like the conch shell, dholak, flute, bells and cymbals while doing  or praying to god.
Feng Shui also says that the playing of musical instruments can create positive vibes. The Chinese kings had musicians regularly playing in their courts. Warriors use conch shells, bugles, and drums to inspire the army during wars.
In India, music and musical instruments are used in many sporting events like boat race or sword fighting to inspire the competitors.
The Northwest is the right direction to keep musical instruments. But it is beneficial to play the instruments at South which can counter negative energy. Yoga recommends chanting of "Aum" at South along with pranayama to dispel negative energies of South.
Q. We have bought a convection-type microwave oven during this Diwali. Which is the best place to keep it? The gas stove is already at Southeast and there is Oven-cum-Grill at the south of the kitchen.
Rima Baruah, Guwahati
Ans: The Southwest of the kitchen is the best direction to keep the Microwave.
Q. I got a photo of the Panchmukhi Hanuman which I have got framed. I am keeping it at my puja room at the Northeast. Which part of the puja room is best for this?
Minati Sharma, 
Ans: First of all, let me tell you that the Northeast is not the right place to keep the Panchmukhi Hanuman. It protects the house and the owner. So it should be kept at the Southwest for best results.