Vaastu Rules for Sleeping

 It may sound strange but our sleeping pattern and the location of our bed can bring prosperity or spell doom depending upon Vaastu rules. These norms have been laid down by Vaastu experts and we may have to face a lot of problems if they are not followed properly.

1. DO NOT keep any electronic items, lamps or fans on the middle of the bed. This may affect the digestive system. The air conditioner should not be directed straight at the middle of the bed.
2. DO NOT keep a watch or mobile phone under your pillow. There should not be a clock directly in front of the bed as it keeps one thinking always. It should be kept on the right or left side of the bed.
3. The bedsheet or the pillow covers should have simple and soothing designs. Complicated and designs with dark colours affect your thought patterns.
4. DO NOT keep the puja room in the bedroom. Photos or statues of deities should also be avoided. Married couples can keep the picture of Lord Krishna and Radha as it signifies love.
5. DO NOT keep pictures or paintings of war or ferocious animals in the bedroom.
6. Light pink colour is best for the bedroom of married people.
7. DO NOT sleep with the feet towards the door.
8. Sleeping with the head to the south is the best thing for sound sleep and blood circulation.
9. It is important to have sunlight in the bedroom. Closed rooms produce a kind of pungent smell which breeds negative energy. Always open the windows or doors of the bedroom for at least 20 minutes every day to overcome this.
10. Actual rice grains or crystal rice grains can be kept in a nice bowl in the bedroom to bring happiness.
11. Small crystal balls or stones should be kept in a ceramic bowl at the Southwest corner of the bedroom to promote relations.
12.  Never leave the bed crumpled. Sometimes, you may be in a hurry to do the bed but take out at least a few minutes to tidy the same.
13. Feng Shui recommends love birds, mandarin ducks or paired animals like deer, etc in the bedroom. They energise conjugal life.
14. A small table on the right hand side of the bed is recommended to keep essential items.
15. If you wish to keep drinking water in the bedroom, the same should be kept in the Northeast corner. Important medicines should also be kept at the Northeast.
16. The left side of the bed should be ideally in the Northwest direction. A metallic item in this direction brings luck and money.
17. If you have almirahs or wardrobe in the bedroom, never leave it open. Negative energy may creep in and as a result health and other problems may occur.
The sun represents the prime source of energy and the fire element. The sun is worshipped across the entire world since ancient times. The house should be designed in such a way so that the sunrays can be utilised from early morning to sunset according to its usefulness. Let us see the suitable things during the different time of the day. Since the sun moves all around the earth, the timings will be relative but the Vaastu rules will be same.
1.  The sun is at the North side of the earth from midnight to 3 am in the morning. Since North is ruled by Lord Kubera and Lakshmi, this is the best time to hide valuables in secret places.
2. The time between 3 am and 6 am is called the Brahma muhurat. The sun is at the Northeast during this time. As this direction is ideal for spiritual purpose, yoga, meditation and spiritual practices should be done at this time.
3.  The sun is at east from 6 am to 9 am. The energy of the sun is very beneficial for living beings during this time. So the house should be designed in such a way so that maximum sunlight falls on the house during this time.
4. The sun is at the Southeast from 9 am to 12 noon. This time is best for cooking food. The kitchen gets wet while food is being prepared and food items and utensils are being washed. So a strong sunlight helps the kitchen to dry up faster and hygiene is maintained. So Vaastu advocates the kitchen at Southeast. The importance of the fire element at Southeast was understood by Vaastu experts long back.
5. The time from 12 noon to 3 pm is meant for resting as the sun is at its peak at the South. So rooms for resting should be located at the South.
6.  The sun is at Southwest from 3 pm to 6 pm and this time is best for studies and work. Study rooms and libraries are recommended at Southwest.
7.  The sun moves to West from 6 pm to 9 pm. This time is good for having dinner, leisure and studies. So dining rooms are advised at the West. Even living and study rooms are recommended at the West.
8. The sun is at Northwest from 9pm to 12midnight. Bedrooms for girls and guests are recommended here.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to take loans to buy something or start a new business. Easier disbursement by Banks and other institutions have made it lucrative and easier to get loans. Some products and companies provide such a scheme that it is foolishness not to avail the loans. Public Sector companies provide very soft loans for cars and housing to the employees. But it is not easy for everyone to repay the loans on time and without a hitch. There are some Vaastu rules here:
1.  The first instalment of a loan should be paid on a Tuesday. This facilitates faster repayment of the loan.
2. If there is a toilet in the Southwest, the interest burden becomes more and the borrower finds it difficult to repay the loan.
3. A mirror should be fixed in the Northeast direction of the house or a shop/office. This helps in faster repayment of the loan. The mirror should not have a red or maroon coloured frame. The mirror should be big but lighter as it is to be kept at Northeast.
4. The drinking water should be kept at Northeast, North or East.
5. Never use blue colour in the kitchen. This will affect finances and health of the members.
6. If the staircase at West starts from West to East or North to South, the inmates may face problems related to loans.
It is customary to give gifts on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and parties. While wide range of gifts like toys, clothes, decorative items, food items, utensils etc. are given as gifts, Vaastu as well as Feng Shui forbids certain items to be given as gifts. One should know these because by gifting these items, one may face bad luck resulting in loss of money and wrath of the gods.
1. Anything related to flow of water like a water fountain or aquarium should not be given as a gift. This will affect finances.
2. DO NOT give items from your stock in trade as gifts. For example, if you have a sweet shop or a garment shop, DO NOT give sweets or clothes from your shop as gifts. The business will be adversely affected as it is an insult to the trade.
3. DO NOT give pictures or idols of God or Goddess as gifts. But accepting these as gifts is not bad!
4. DO NOT gift sharp objects like a knife, sword, scissors, etc. Bad luck falls on both receivers and givers of these items.
5.  It is a common custom not to present someone with a handkerchief. According to Vaastu, this spoils relationships. Some people try to negate this with a safety pin attached to it!