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The Ghastly Homicide

Hardly has the dust of the brutal killing of the innocent students in Pakistan’s Peshawar Army School by the Taliban militants settled another homicide of a similar magnitude by NDFB(S) cadres rocked Assam. Remarkably, the horrific incident of homicide took place by NDFB(S) in the wake of some shallow comments of the Chief Minister. What is alarming to note in the whole gruesome incident, is the abysmal failure of the so–called protectors of law and order (Police) to act briskly despite warning received from CID well ahead! The militants do not possess the proper frame of mind, as manifested from the ghastly killing of the breast–feeding one month old infant. Obviously, the minister holding the ‘Home’ portfolio should shoulder the responsibility and resign forthwith. Our state is a fertile breeding ground of the terrorists. Mishandling of the situation by the power–that–be simply is fuelling the flame. The way our police force handled the situation the next day at Dhekiajuli smacks of their incompetence. Words fall short to express our sympathies with the members of the bereaved families while condemning the perpetrators in the strongest of the terms. Now that the case is all set to be handed over to NIA, the culprits should get capital punishment.

Ashok Bordoloi,
Amolapatty, Dibrugarh.

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