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Aruchal records less crime in 2014

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Itagar, December 31: The overall crime rate in Aruchal Pradesh showed a decreasing trend during 2014 while incidents of murder and other IPC cases have been margilly increased.

Compared to the previous year, crimes related to rape, abduction, crime against women and extortion cases have been significantly decreased during the year.

According to crime statistics report, the state during the year registered 2,559 cases in all major heads against 2,925 recorded in 2013.

The state, with 73 functiol police stations spread over 18 districts are being manned by about 11,354 police personnel, including civil police, IRBN, APPBN and others to maintain law and order in this land–locked state.

Papum Pare recorded the highest numbers of 605 cases followed by Lohit with a total 258 registered cases during the year.

The sparsely populated Dibang Valley had earned the distinction of most peaceful district by registering only 4 cases during the year, while Anjaw is placed in second with a meager 26 crime cases registered, the report said.

The three insurgency–affected districts of Tirap, Changlang and Longding have recorded 395 crimes cases against 448 registered in 2013.

According to the report, the state registered a total of 59 rape incidents during the year against 73 registered cases in the previous year.

The maximum number of 24 rape cases were reported in the twin Capital cities, while there were no rape case reported in Papum Pare (Rural), West Kameng, Anjaw and Tawang districts, the crime data said.

Kidpping/abduction cases has also slightly reduced to 134 in 2014, against 140 in 2013. The data further added that 49 abduction cases have been lodged in 3 police stations under Capital City, followed by Lohit where 23 number of  abduction cases were reported.

Crime against women has also slightly decreased to 153, against 156 recorded in 2013. There were 36 cases of crime against women registered in the Capital, while Lohit came second with 23 cases.

The state during the year had also recorded 70 murders against 67 registered in 2013. The highest numbers of murder cases (16) was reported in Papum Pare district, in which Papum Pare (City) contributed 9 cases and Papum Pare (Rural) 7 respectively.

Altogether 702 cases of riot, dacoity, robbery and theft were reported during the year out of which 423 cases attribute to thefts alone which theft case alone. The number of such cases recorded in the state during 2013 was 851. The state has also recorded 77 cases under NDPS Act in 2014 against 96 registered in various police stations during 2013.

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