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Hyderabad police mobile app for women’s safety

Hyderabad, December 31: Hyderabad police will launch a new mobile application from new year, which will ensure women’s safety during travel, and eble people to access help in emergencies by pressing SOS button. ‘Hawk eye’ will also empower people to become citizen police by reporting crimes and traffic violations. They can also report violations by police personnel, make suggestions for improved policing and report good work done by police. Hyderabad Police Commissioner M. Mahendar Reddy said using the mobile app, citizens can register details servant/worker/tent with police, enroll for community policing and have access to all contact numbers of police and get status report on information furnished. The police chief said the mobile app is part of citizen friendly and responsive policing.

The app can ensure safety of women while travelling in taxi, cab, autorickshaw, bus, train or any other vehicle.  “A woman just clicks the photograph or video of vehicle before boarding, notes down vehicle no., place of boarding and sends it online to police. Even during the travel, if any problem is faced, the same can be sent. After reaching the destition, they can send the comments about the happenings during the travel,” said a statement. The SOS button will be useful for accessing the police help in emergencies.  “In any state of distress, emergency and exigency, once this button is pressed, the pre–recorded message will go to pre–determined friends and relatives (5) and also simultaneously basing on the longitude and latitude of the location of the person, the message will reach the concerned Inspector of Police Station, ACP, DCP, Patrol Mobiles and main control room.” As approaching the police station to report even petty crimes is a cumbersome process, the app would facilitate citizen for reporting the same to police at the click of a button. It has sub categories of various aspects of violations like traffic violations, happening crimes, crimes against women, and violations by the police. (IANS)

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