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North Korea calls on South Korea to halt provocations

Pyongyang, January 1: North Korean leader Kim Jong–un on Thursday called on South Korea to halt all provocative war manoeuvres and emphasised that there was no reason not to hold highest–level north–south talks in a televised New Year’s speech. The year 2015 will mark a turning point for blazing a path toward independent reunification of the Korean tion, he noted, Xinhua reported. Despite huge changes that have taken place around the world over the past seven decades, the Korean tion is still suffering the pains of separation and such a tragedy cannot be tolerated any more, Kim said. He said the North Korea has made every sincere effort to try to ameliorate inter–Korean relations in 2014, but only to face worsened ties between north and south because of interference from interl and exterl forces against tiol reunification. Kim underscored the need to remove the threat of war, ease tension and create a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula.   (IANS)

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