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ACAUT slams NSCN(K) on rampant extortion


IMPHAL, January 4: The Action Committee Against Ubated Taxation (ACAUT) at Dimapur, the commercial town serving both the states of galand and Manipur, has come out with a statement against the NSCN(K), a ceasefire sigtory with the government. The statement says that the NSCN(K) is “unleashing attacks against its own civil population”.

It may be recalled that since the traders and businessmen who had formed the ACAUT at Dimapur could not get much help from the galand government, they had submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister rendra Modi about the unfettered extortions. So far, there has been no response from the PMO. Indications are that Modi will not take the matter lightly.

It is no accident that since the installation of the Modi government there has been no talks with those outfits which had signed ceasefire. He has not met with any of the leaders. Besides, when he had visited Imphal and Kohima recently, he refrained from speaking any words relating to insurgency and the ongoing peace talks.

There is no official hint when the next round of talks will be held, if at all.

The message is clear. If peace is to be restored it will be within the framework of the constitution and according to the interest of the country.

The ACAUT is believed to have reported some cases of extortions at Dimapur. This had resulted in the arrest of some insurgents. The NSCN(K) had strongly reacted to it saying that it had ganged up with the Indian security agents.

The ACAUT statement says that while the NSCN(K) is opposed to “India”, it is not averse to accepting the Indian Rupee.

For a long time, the people and government of Manipur have been demanding highway protection force. The complaint is that vehicles of Manipur are waylaid and various “taxes” with fancy mes are charged.

In case of delayed payment, the drivers are kidpped and vehicles hijacked.

Every year, drivers are killed and maimed. Despite protests, the crimils had never been brought to justice and it gives the impression that the law breakers have been emboldened by the iction.

An NGO in Manipur had declared a boycott of the NH 2 which meanders through galand.

In fact, more and more drivers are opting NH 37 that connects Manipur with Jiribam adjacent to Silchar. But then, the Jiribam–Imphal highway has been kept in a horrible condition.

There are photographs of water buffaloes wallowing in the middle of the highway or loaded trucks stuck in the knee deep mud.

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