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Maoist mece in India and the government

It always becomes a great tragedy when the Maoists gun down troopers engaged in operations aimed at flushing out the rebels from the Maoist heartlands of the country. In such deadly attacks, several security personnel of our country were killed in the last many years.

Maoism may be considered as one of the great problems of the tion. In a democratic set–up like ours, divergent views are tural and welcome too, as long as they serve a constructive purpose. But when Maoists are out to systematically and meticulously destabilise the country, differences should be set aside and political parties must come forward to fight these deadly rebels on a single platform.

The mece of Maoism can be completely uprooted only if the government supplements its two pronged strategy of development and police action with the agenda of ideological transformation.

Satish Kumar Sarma,
Kalyanpur, Biswath Chariali

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