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Time for a strong reply

The recent cross border firing between the Pakistani rangers and Border security Force of India at the Indo–Pakistan border is not new and due to the cowardice act of Pakistan, Indian civilians have suffered a lot. Israel is a small country of western Asia whose area will be lesser than Assam; slightly bigger than the Kamrup district. But the whole Arabian world is afraid of Israel due to its no tolerance and no compromise policy against exterl threats; for which every exterl force thinks twice before putting a single bullet into the Israel territory. Pakistan has repeatedly violated the ceasefire act and carries out massacres and cowardice acts on Indian civilians, beheaded our Indian soldiers by violating the Geneva Protocol. In spite of all these India is not giving a befitting reply to Pakistan. Merely condemning and expressing regret is not the ultimate solution. They should be taught with the language they understand; otherwise this type of incidences will never be averted permanently. It is foolishness to spread a peace message in a battlefield. The whole world community will think that the present stand of India is weak and other neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar will accept the same policy in the near future with the help of other superpowers. It is time for a strong reply; otherwise the world will think that the largest armed force of India is nothing but a mere orment.

Dr Biraj Kumar Sarma,

Bonzas galore and work culture in state government offices

Bonzas one after another, no accountability and attendance as you like it, salary much more than their Bank and Insurance counterparts – this is the happy state of affairs prevailing among the government employees of the state! We are not getting heartburns; let everyone bloom with affluence. But what we experience while visiting the offices is far from satisfaction. It is as if there is none to monitor them. That reminds us of our L. P. School days when we were regular in attendance but once we knew that some teacher was absent, we became unmageable. Then we were, after all, of tender age. But barring a handful, these employees roam about, leave office at their whims and sometimes indulge in taking liquor and gambling as shown in the electronic media from time to time. As if all these unruly and irratiol activities are not enough! To add salt to their injury the ghost of corruption haunts most of the offices.

Now, let us come to the Secretariat which is controlled by the big boss, where too, the employees behave with immunity. Attendance of most of the employees as shown in the electronic media from time to time raises our eyebrows. Our Chief Minister, instead of resorting to tall talks should jolt his secretaries to their senses, driving home the art of discipline, honesty and punctuality and that, they should not take the people visiting the secretariat for a ride and put them in inconvenience.

Ashok Bordoloi,
Amolapatty, Dibrugarh.

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