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Pakistan’s evil design

Yet another heinous conspiracy hatched by the Pakistan–sponsored terrorists has been foiled by the coast guards of the Indian vy. Had the despicable mission been materialized, only God knows how many innocent people would have lost their lives just like the one that took place on November 26, 2008 in Mumbai. This time, the terrorist fraught with explosives of horrific magnitude in a boat were fast approaching towards a costal centre of Gujarat, but before that in the early hours of January 1st, about 35 km southwest of Porbandar, as our guards gave them a chase, they liquidated themselves alongwith deadly explosives.

Now Pakistan feigns ignorance. Right from the date when Pakistan attained freedom on August 14, 1947, it was up and trying to destabilize India and the attack on Jammu and Kashmir by Pakistan–sponsored tribal terrorists in October 1947 is a case in point. The lessons taught to Pakistan in Bangladesh Liberation War and in Kargil War thereafter were not enough. Pakistan does not like to rest on laurels, its repeated violation on the border with India by unprovoked firing is one of glaring examples. A country, which does not understand the language of peace, no country can remain a mute spectator. The main objective of Pakistan is to destabilize India, rocking the subcontinent with subversive activities every now and then.

Ashok Bordoloi,
Amolapatty, Dibrugarh

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