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Diplomatic ties and Budget

Prime Minister rendra Modi is reported to have exceeded the budget allotted for his foreign trips within six months necessitating additiol budget for the remaining trips to be made by him, as reported by a section of the press. To maintain and strengthen the diplomatic ties with countries abroad, these trips are indispensable. In the erstwhile UPA regime, too, on certain occasions the allotted budget got exhausted. If we alyze the trips undertaken by Modi, it transpires that India’s ties with some neighbouring countries which got strained during the previous regime have significantly improvement. For instance, our ties with Nepal and Sri Lanka have improved considerably. The PM’s visit to Bhutan and Japan became so efficacious diplomatically that even a super power like Chi was prompted to change its notion towards India. Simultaneously, rendra Modi was instrumental in maintaining a diplomatic balance with the USA and Russia. This obviously is no mean an achievement!

We believe that with the passage of time, diplomatic ties with other countries, too, will improve. Pakistan, a pugcious country is always inscrutable. So, the question of budget should not stand on the way.     

Ashok Bordoloi,
Amolapatty, Dibrugarh.

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