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BJP–BJD match fixed to loot Odisha people: Congress

Bhubaneswar, January 8: Describing the BJP and the BJD as two sides of the same coin, Congress’s in–charge of party affairs in Odisha B.K. Hariprasad Thursday said both the parties are hand in glove to loot the people of Odisha. “The much–publicised Mahasangram of the BJP in Odisha turned to be a Mahasamarthan. The BJP chief, Amit Shah, who visited Odisha, kept mum on corruption and scams of BJD government during his rally as a part of match–fixing with the ruling party,” Hariprasad told media after the brain storming session of party here. He said the Congress has decided to take up the fight against both the parties to the grassroots level.

Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Prasad Harichandan said while the Biju Jata Dal (BJD) wants protection from chit fund scam being investigated by the CBI, the Bharatiya Jata Party (BJP) wants support of the regiol party to pass bills in parliament. “Both the parties have a clear understanding.

The BJP wants support from the BJD in Rajya Sabha, and the BJD seeks protection from CBI inquiry into the chit fund scam. That’s why the inquiry process of CBI has been slowed down in the state,” said Prasad Harichandan. He said while aviation turbine fuel (ATF) price has been reduced by about 45 percent benefiting the rich, petrol and diesel prices used by common people were reduced 15.73 percent and 11.38 percent respectively in the country. “It shows how the government is working for the poor people,” said the PCC president.

He said the Congress would intensify its fight against the BJD and the BJP in the coming days. In the brain–storming session, the Congress in Odisha decided to focus on cohesion, organisation and agitation. “…we will reach the grassroots level to strengthen our organisation.  Once we strengthen the organisation, we will launch agitation against the BJD government,” said Harichandan. The party has decided to hold three similar sessions in the state and Pada Yatras to reach out the people and strengthen the party.

 “We will try to gain confidence of people. We will launch membership drive to strengthen the party,” said the PCC president. (IANS)

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