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Whither Reshuffling

A strong hope has been cherished by the people of Assam that at least the much–hyped reshuffling will see the light of day with the advent of the New Year. But the entire drama centering round the reshuffling issue remains where it was. The fact that the Congress High Command plays a tacit role in nurturing the corruption in Assam comes to the fore. Why else will the issue of reshuffling reach remain stagnt? Is the High Command encouraging and nurturing corruption? Why can’t the corrupt Ministers be shown the door? Will Soniaji clarify why Robert Vadra, her son–in–law had to be pampered so much so that it could give BJP or others opposition parties a palatable fodder? Perhaps, Soniaji could not gauge the magnitude of damage it would cause to the party. For the greater interest of the Congress it is expedient that the big guns at least realized that nurturing of corruption damages a party with a long credible and chequered history.   

Ashok Bordoloi,
Amolapatty, Dibrugarh.

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