Human Chain against Tree Felling organized at Sankaradeva Park in Bharalumukh

By - Sentinel Digital Desk
Update: 2019-11-11 05:40 GMT

Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI: The citizens of the city took to the streets by forming human chain to raise their voice against tree felling. Holding placards in their hands the citizens demanded for an expert committee to bring out solutions to save trees and parks.

Taken part by 100 Guwahatians of different age groups, the human chain raised their voice against tree felling in the name of development projects. There is the possibility of felling over 250 trees in order to construct 1,600 bridge connecting Bharalumukh and North Guwahati. The citizens came out on Sunday and took part in the human chain organized in the Sankaradeva Park in Bharalumukh.

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