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Beware! ISIS may be right here!

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 Nov 2017 12:00 AM GMT

We are talking of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a sheer terror group basking in the infamy of gory notoriety – far more than the savagery of the Taliban and the Al-qaeda perhaps. ISIS is an extraordiry outfit, as many geostrategic experts have opined in their research pieces carried prominently in the op-ed pieces of highly decorated intertiol publications. The typical ISIS modus operandi is actually very simple: Just behead innocent people and then instil the fear factor; as people would watch such videos going viral on social media, more people would be petrified. It is like cutting the tongue of courage right when the tongue is about to speak out the facts of life.

Now let us turn the leaf of discourse towards Northeast India – yet called a ‘hinterland’ despite the promise it holds against the predomince of the so-called heartland in every socio-political and economic discourse. According to an IANS article “US, UK protecting IS in Syria datelined November 19, 2017 by Saeed qvi, quotes Stratfor, a leading US strategic think tank, as saying that “looking at recent cases of fighters returning from Iraq and Syria, they have tended to conduct attacks against soft targets instead of making more complex attacks against harder, more significant targets” and that “some examples include a Jewish museum and the soft side of the airport in Brussels; a concert in Manchester in the UK; a café, concert venue and sports stadium in Paris…”. He goes on to add: “Almost on cue appears a piece by Sara Flounders of the Intertiol Action Centre, Washington focusing on how the Rohingyas’ plight worsened in Myanmar. Hostility between the Buddhist clergy, the Myanmar military and the Rohingya Muslims has continued for years. What then was the need for the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), an armed resistance group, to carry on attacks on 30 Myanmar military posts on August 30? It was only then that the Myanmar military responded with a wave of brutal attacks on the Muslims, driving them in thousands over the border. There is an intriguing twist to the tail: ARSA is headquartered in Mecca, under Attaulah abu Ammar Jununi, a Pakistani tiol resident in Saudi Arabia. Why have the US and Saudi Arabia, who have supervised a three-year-long war in Yemen, rendering millions homeless and killing thousands, turned with so much sympathy to the one million Muslim Rohingyas in Rakhine?..”

According to reports appearing in the media over the last few months, “thousands” of Rohingya Muslims have crossed over to Bangladesh from Myanmar due to persecution fears at the hands of the Myanmar security forces. This would not be as alarming as the grave security concern that Northeast India feels if it were not for the glaring fact of life that the unchecked flow of illegal Bangladeshis to Assam had always (and would always, this being our observation in parenthesis) constitute an act of exterl “aggression” as rightly noted by the Supreme Court of India as it was on its job to abrogate the notorious IM(DT) Act put in place by the Congress in 1983 only to safeguard the interests of those aliens without any concern at all for the sons of the soil in Assam. Let us not forget that the IM(DT) Act was an act of perversity shoved down the throat of Mother Assam by the Congress for an extremely cheap political mileage and at the cost of its indigenous populace – the vast demographic theatre of ethnic tribes, the Ahoms, the Kalitas, the Brahmins owning lineage to places like the sacred and famed Kauj, the Assamese Muslims, and of course the entire greater Assamese society for whom Assam, as a land of such biodiverse beauty as it really is, ranks a far higher priority than the diabolic designs of illegal Bangladeshis and their agents out to reduce us, the sons of the soil, into a minority in our very land of birth and karma.

The concern that cowardly terror outfits like ISIS might penetrate into the rank and file of illegal Bangladeshi marauders intruding into Assam is justified because from the geostrategic point of view one can assert the following: 1) the unfinished agenda of Partition, which entails the annexation of suitable parts of Assam to Bangladesh for the making of a grand Greater Islamic State of Bangladesh, is on with outfits like Pakistan’s ISI (a state within a state as a whole lot of strategic experts have rightly opined) actively promoting the sinister terror export craft; 2) the flow of a poverty-stricken people as the illegal Bangladeshis to Assam (and the rest of Northeast India too) must be sustained with support from new-age terror groups like ISIS (far more diabolic than the Talibanic strand of terror) so that they grab even the prized xatra lands of Assam for settlement and cultivation with no fear at all of them being flushed out (since they would be backed by terror elements with their own effective intelligence network regimes); and 3) the sheer lack of political will to counter such evil designs at the right time (with now profane proposals to accord Bangladeshi Hindus citizenship status, as if Assam is the only State in the Union of India to flood with illegal settlers!) will only encourage more and more Bangladesh-ization of Assam – coupled with the fact that some ‘intellectuals’ from this State have no qualms at all in sharing stage with the fatic likes of Maula Arshad Madani, the Jamiat Ulema-e- Hind chief.

Therefore, let us be honest and call a spade a spade – that is, if illegal Bangladeshis with their supporters and ‘intellectual’ sympathizers are out to plunder our pristine culture and heritage, then the legitimate fight against such invaders must be on with greater vim and vigour, and within the ambit of our great democracy (no room of violence, please), so that Assam remains the land of the great Assamese people (including all ethnic tribes). There is no harm in being patriotic. Simple.

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