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Flight from Guwahati to Dubai


I would like to bring to your notice through your esteemed daily the suffering and harassment one has to experience while travelling from Guwahati to Dubai through connecting flights from metropolitan cities of India. As we know that Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities and most favourite tourist destinations in the world as well as it attracts millions of professionals from around the world in sectors of health, engineering, agriculture, oil and hospitality for its peaceful and tolerant work environment. In recent times thousands of tourists from Assam visit Dubai for sightseeing and apart from that many Assamese professionals, masters in their own field are working in Dubai in various sectors in important positions. It is unfortunate that anyone who wants to travel to Dubai from Guwahati has to experience lot of difficulties as one has to change the flight in the metropolitan cities where the connecting flight is scheduled wasting precious time in the process of waiting for long hours. Although the usual time taken from Guwahati to reach Dubai is 6 hours only by direct flight yet in case of connecting flight it takes ridiculously 20 to 23 hours to reach Dubai from Guwahati because of long hours of waiting for the connecting flight. This causes a lot of anxiety and mental agony to the passengers and it warrants immediate steps by the authority concerned and in this respect our state representatives must take up this matter with its central counterpart to get the approval for introduction of direct flight from Guwahati to Dubai at the earliest.

I would like to urge the Ministry of Civil Aviation and our state government to work together and make sincere efforts to immediately pave the way for introduction of direct flight from Guwahati to Dubai and fulfill the long-pending demands of the air passengers of Assam.

Shamim Akhtar Shamim,

Six Mile, Guwahati.