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Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  25 April 2018 12:00 AM GMT

Road Accidents and Traffic Police

Many lives have been lost mean while as a result of road accidents in our country. Assam, too, is not lagging behind. Rather, the scenario in Assam is more alarming. The frequency of road accidents in Assam is still more shocking. During the days of festivity particularly during celebration of the Rongali Bihu. Road accidents throughout Assam now become a day to day affair involving loss of many lives. Most of the accidents during Bihu occur due to driving under influence of liquor both indigenous and foreign. Many factors we may attribute as the cause the accidents--reckless driving, driving under influence of liquor, driving in speed using the mobile phone, deplorable road condition etc. Again we notice that when the road is in good condition drivers are tempted to drive speedily those results into some accidents. For instance many road accidents are seen to occur near Kaziranga despite there being tough Traffic rules to minimize the speed. It so happens now, not a single day passes without reports of such accidents here and there in Assam, involving death of several persons. The figure recorded by the state government as aired by the electronic media suggests that as many as 4969 persons lost their lives due to road accidents in Assam during the last two years. The figure obviously is shocking. It seems, our traffic police fails to play their role despite the tough traffic rules .We believe, if only our police force can show honesty and sincerity in nabbing those violating the traffic rules, handling the cases of such fatal road accidents toughly can be averted. News doing the round at the moment is the change Director General of police in Assam.

Through your esteemed daily we appeal to whosoever he/she may be at the helm of affairs to take appropriate steps to bridle the frequency of road accidents with rough and tough notion.

Ashok Bordoloi, Dibrugarh.

Petrol Prices may Result in Losing Elections

Ever since the NDA came to power, rises in the price of petrol and other necessary items have burdened the common man. Right now, it is at a peak price-even it may go up unless checked by the government-which the government is in no mood. Rise in petrol price creates a domino effect and the prices of other commodities rise subsequently. This contributes to inflation and the economically disadvantaged citizen suffer the consequences. An essential commodity like petrol should be made tax-free. The government should take steps to that effect, while ensuring that oil companies make a reasonable profit. A list of necessary items must be made and by an amendment by the parliament, it should make sure that there is zero taxation levied on them by Centre or State government. It is most unfortunate that government has refused to lower taxes on petrol on the plea that it needs funding for its expenses. Who will provide such an easy funding to its citizens for its legitimate expenses?

Government Be cautious: Like in the past high Onion price resulted in losing elections, NDA may see the same fate just because of petrol prices going upwards almost on daily basis without any check!

M Kumar,

B-49, Gulmohar Park,

New Delhi-110 049.

The Difference

There is a glaring difference between refugee and infiltrators. The refugees usually come to another land seeking refuge under severe compulsion whereas the infiltrators come to another country with an evil design. The Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu Bangladeshis are the glaring example of refugees and the encroachers belonging to a particular religious community infiltrating into Assam through the porous Indo-Bangladesh are the glaring examples of the infiltrators.

The very issue has of late become very relevant as some ‘super secularists ‘ are trying to brand the refugees as infiltrators. Through your esteemed daily I request my so called secularists brothers and sisters to taste the hospitality in Bangladesh, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) , and Jammu and Kashmir for a one full calendar year. To give shelter to helpless people seeking refuge is our old sacred duty.

Himadri Chekanidhara,

Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur.

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