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Letters to the Editor: Public discomforts

Guwahati is a growing city.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Public discomforts

Guwahati is a growing city. A lot of developments and improvements related to welfare and public health are being incorporated under the able leadership of the present Chief Minister of Assam. The local administration is also doing a commendable job to implement various directions speedily. Through this letter, may I highlight the sad plight of Bhutnath, a residential area on the south of the Kamakhya-Guwahati railway line? It is no less than a black-listed locality, famous for all the wrong reasons of being an active area for drugs, country liquor, a haven for thieves, a gloomy pathetic entrance due to the uncontrolled roadside hawkers and the disorganized market along the railway line. Taunts by the relatives and guests visiting the residents for choosing Bhootnath as a place of residence, at times become quite depressing. Roads to Santipur Hillside and Durga Sarovar pass through this locality making it very uncomfortable to walk during evening hours. Being in the centre of the city and within reach of quite a few residential areas nearby, it is humbly suggested for converting this stretch along the southern side of the railway line into a Walking Track from the Bhutnath entrance to Durga Sarovarduly fenced, with proper high rise electric lights. This is bound to change the complete complexion of the place and create a better surrounding for the residents to live. The track will also be an asset towards public health who will definitely utilise it for morning and evening walks. May we request the CM to kindly consider this as a priority project since the area lies in the heart of the city? A disorganized shabby looking area along the railway line also gives a poor impression of the city to the tourists travelling by train.

Next is the growing tendency among the citizens of Guwahati at large to occupy the footpaths when they construct the approach/entry route to their commercial complexes and residences. It is highly objectionable since it creates a lot of problems for pedestrians. The four-wheelers also tend to be accident-prone due to some encroachments spilling over to the roads as well. It is unfortunate that we are too vocal and express our frequent objections to the hawkers occupying the footpaths, while on the other hand, well to do people resort to such illegal encroachments with impunity. It may be worthwhile for the concerned authority to take serious note of this and initiate a mass scale drive to break and dismantle all such illegal encroachments of public space in Guwahati. Otherwise, this practice is bound to increase and create more nuisances in future.

Pabitra Goswami,

Mathura Nagar, Dispur

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