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NRC and Relevant Alarming Aspects


Nobody can claim that the compilation of the National Register for Citizens (NRC) is 100% flawless. Both the BJP and the Congress point out their accusing fingers at State NRC Coordinator Pratak Hajela under whose guidance NRC update is going on. The BJP wants re-verification of at least 20 per cent names some districts, including those sharing international border with Bangladesh, and ten per cent in other districts of the State. Former chief minister Tarun Gogoi, on the other hand, termed the NRC going to be published as a ‘piece of waste paper’. In the eyes of ordinary onlookers like us, there should not be delay as delay in publication of the final NRC will enhance the possibility of entry of more illegal nationals from Bangladesh. We are surprised to note that smuggling of cows and infiltration from Bangladesh have been going on unabated. The Union government paints a rosy picture of sealing of the international border with Bangladesh using sophisticated paraphernalia from time to time. Only the other day, the Chief Minister painted such a rosy picture on the fllor of the State Assembly saying that Karimganj would soon get a status like the one in the Wagha-gate bordering Pakistan. We have enough of such hollow promises. Meanwhile, enough damage has been done to Assam, nay to India, as masquerading as common men, many dreaded terrorists too infiltrated into Assam. Recent nabbing of 4 JMB jehadi terrorists at Barpeta is a glaring example. Enquiry reveals that training camps have already been operating at Barpeta and Nalbari where youths (jehadis) undergo training to carry out subversive activities in India. Many more startling facts will now tumble out to unmask even the so-called respectable men in the society. What is disturbing is the news that some Madrassas are ideal haven for the initial lessons of jehadi-terrorism. What is more, certain political heavyweights are up in arms to ensure incorporation of such jehadi elements in NRC. May Heaven save India from the clutches of these jehadis terrorists.

Ashok Bordoloi,