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Traffic etiquette

Traffic etiquette

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  30 April 2016 12:00 AM GMT

Traffic etiquette

The issue of violation of traffic rules in Guwahati is not a new thing for city dwellers. The educated and so called civilized people are also responsible along with the corrupted traffic personnel and district transport officials for blatant violation of traffic laws as well as general etiquette.

Red light jumping, illegal parking etc on street sides are a common problem. But I would like to voice my concern over the non-use of ‘zebra crossing’ in the main roads of the city. As per traffic rules, all vehicles must slow down near zebra crossings, especially while pedestrians cross the road. But to the utter disappointment of pedestrians, not a single vehicle slows down when approaching a zebra crossing. The traffic personnel turn a blind eye to this transgression. It is a common scene to observe school-going children and senior citizens waiting for several minutes to cross the road through zebra crossing. But arrogant drivers zoom by honking in full throttle.

Moreover, in many places, the zebra crossing marks have been wiped out. But still no initiative has been taken by the somnolent authorities concerned.

I express my deep anguish in regard to this matter. Indeed, it is a matter of great concern for public safety. It is very disappointing in this modern era to see such insincerity on part of the traffic department as well as district and regiol transport authorities. Guwahati is still lagging behind in some fields to compete in the smart city race.

Mukut Das,

Rudragar, Chandmari,


Judiciary In poor shape

Is our Judiciary in bad shape? Who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs? What made the Chief Justice of the country so emotiol before the Prime Minister? Is the Prime Minister aware of what stands in the way of appointing more judges to expedite disposal of more than three crore cases pending in different courts of the country? Why could not remedial measures be taken on time? As ordiry citizens, we are constantly disturbed by these questions. According to newspaper reports, the Chief Justice of the country has candidly conceded that the heaps of cases have reached such a stage that the present strength of judges can never dispose of the cases. Further, he has conceded that one judge has to look after cases which otherwise would need to be looked after by 100 judges i.e. there is one judge against the requirement of 100 judges. Chief Justice TS Thakur opined that it is the duty of the Executive to ensure smooth functioning of the Judiciary by manning it adequately. Further the Chief Justice has suggested that what is required is ten-fold increase in the number of judges in a quantum jump. But so far, governments have done pretty little towards solving the problem. Prime Minister rendra Modi later assured that action would soon be taken to increase the present strength of judge from 16,000 to 40,000 in consultation with the Judiciary.

Ashok Bordoloi,


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