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Meira Omar on How KWAN Founder Boasted About Making Deepika Padukone a Star

Meira Omar on How KWAN Founder Boasted About Making Deepika Padukone a Star

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  25 Oct 2018 12:27 PM GMT

The #MeToo movement that has stirred Bollywood, has brought several known personalities under the scanner. After Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment a decade ago, many stories have cropped up where women disclosed their horrific encounters with filmmakers, producers, managers etc. Recently, Meira Omar accused talent manager Anirban Das Blah's name had also surfaced where he was alleged of sexual harassment.

KWAN Entertainment owner Anirban Blah had also attempted suicide due to the allegations. However, actress Meira Omar opened up about the talent manager's vile strategies to help woman 'open up' and also spoke regarding one such incident where he locked a woman in his balcony and would only open the door till she reached "climax". In an exclusive interview with the media TV, Meira Omar narrated at length about the incident that took place in 2016 where she met Anirban in hopes of getting work in the film industry.

She was new to India, 2 years ago and she had only been in the country for a couple of months. In an interview, she said, "A lot of girls come into this industry through an agency or something like that. Me being from Afghanistan, we are crazy about Bollywood, we grew up watching Bollywood and I've always had this dream to act in Bollywood."

So she contacted KWAN and met Anirban and contacted him on Whatsapp and reached out to him She said how he appeared terribly honest about her being new here, which they were lacking representation. She said asked if she could meet together with his team, however, the meeting did not go well. Anirban got back together with her and told her that his team was basic and did not appreciate raw talent.

"He said I am the man who sees something, a diamond in the rough that no one else can, this is what I'm known for. He then asked me to meet privately so he could evaluate himself. I will meet at our workplace. We can't meet anywhere Bandra and Andheri West. Somewhere around that point, I felt that something's not right so I just ignored the feeling," Meira Omar said.

Anyway, she met him at his workspace. He talked regarding the celebrities that he had discovered. And he talked regarding Deepika Padukone. "He said that when he took on Deepika she was struggling a bit to make an impact in the film industry. But when he took her on and worked on her that is when this change happened and she became a star thanks to him and because of the work that they had done together. He said that it was thanks to him, and he picked up the phone to call her and he said that they worked very tightly and they were discussing her Vogue magazine cover. So I am sitting there waiting and all I see is that I am a little impressed about how this guy has helped Deepika and I looked up to Deepika and wished to make me like her," she said.

She narrated how he said kept speaking about Deepika and took all the credit about how she is a star for him. How he did with Deepika and how he is known to get actresses out of their shells. "You have to find your inner sexiness, you have to find sex appeal. That's what it's all about. You have to find something sexy and that is what makes you a star,"

"He mentioned several things who had one potential and how he used methods. He also said that your smartness is what makes you sexy. No one will be able to see this only I can because I am sitting with you. He said in order to help her, she had to trust him completely," she said. He further gave her an assignment where he indirectly asked her for nude photographs to where he would sit and "discuss" with her. Later when she reluctantly met him, he tried to force on her to kiss her but she got out and ran from here.

Amidst these sexual harassment allegations, Anirban tried to commit suicide at Vashi bridge but was saved in time when the police reached at 12:30 am and brought him back to his family.

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