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Drain Water Clogging Stinks Residential Area In Guwahati



GUWAHATI: A while back, the Kamrup (M) District Administration had undertaken a project to clean a total of 330 drains under the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC). However, the road leading to Jyoti Snehalaya in Beltola is inundated with drain water for a month and the residents are fed up with the foul smell from the filthy water.

A nasty smell stinks up the residential area which also houses a reputed private school. According to locals of the area, no efforts are made to solve the unhygienic situation and the condition worsens with each passing day.

“Waterlogging is a major crisis of the city and the drains were expected to be de-clogged before the onset of the rainy season. This is obviously lacking as can be observed from the stinky situation that we are made to face. It is both dirty and gets extremely difficult to commute through, especially at night”, complained a local resident. The situation needs immediate attention and only time will tell for how long the concerned authorities will a blind eye towards it.


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