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Gun Violence, Public Safety Discussed in Houston, Texas


Houston: A forum was organized in Houston, Texas, to address gun violence and public safety issues in the US.

Addressing the forum, US Congressman Al Green said on Sunday that the issues of gun violence and racism must be taken seriously in the US in light of the mass shootings last weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Xinhua reported.

Referring to the manifesto the El Paso shooting suspect wrote, Green said a nationalist movement in the US has been growing at a quick pace in the past years.

“This person is not alone. There is a movement in my country, a white nationalist movement,” he said, adding that people with all backgrounds should stand together opposing such a movement.

Green reiterated there should be more strict laws for gun control, including thorough background check for firearm buyers and firearm transfers between private parties. Henry Gaw, assistant chief of police in Houston police department, gave instructions to local Chinese communities to protect themselves. (IANS)

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