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Zooming in with God – it is possible!

A final adieu to a pandemic year of struggles and pain. If anything seemed more burdensome, it was,


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A final adieu to a pandemic year of struggles and pain.

If anything seemed more burdensome, it was, undoubtedly, to my mind, the movement of multi -tasking by us all. Safety became an illusion and security was no longer an option for the millions impacted directly with the virus and the millions that were drawn in one way or another to the dying and infected. There were no roads or escape routes to hide from or dodge, as we never expected this pandemic to engulf and devour with such ferocity. Yet, life kept moving on at a new rate of multi-tasking for families and people, to stay alive. Everybody was doing house chores, working from home, schooling their children, cooking, feeding and 'Life' became an intangible force of distancing and masking.

I did not think I would survive this pandemic as a pre-condition patient, an essential worker, supporting my family, juggling, making ends meet, but mostly tired out from multi-tasking the everyday hopes and fears of uncertainty. Prayers for a miracle to end this devastation became the order of the day and night. It was soon becoming clear, early in the year that this pandemic was here to stay. My story is no different from the millions wanting to know if zooming with God was a possibility and would he talk to us, please?

Today is the last day of the year 2020. I woke up to zoom with God and we talked. It was short and to the point of His favorite line, "This too shall pass!". The fever of our situation, as expressed in the above paragraphs, is normalizing but it is also a fair reminder that there is no paid insurance that will cover the acts of God, so to speak. We simply need to wake up and see it is time to humble ourselves. God did say too this morning, "Sorry, you're 2020 planner did not serve its purpose." It certainly did not. The most useless thing to have had!

For the western hemisphere, where life is kind of predictable and safe, it turned out badly. I live in the US and we just were not prepared to handle this pandemic. Our Government under the tumultuous leadership of a hide-and-seek player, created mayhem and despair that is unforgivable andthat is the 'honest'truth. "You chose him", God said, "and choices have their consequences". At this point, I had to recollect the events (with God on zoom and witness) that made the year a quivering earthquake. From signs of systemic racism erupting, to the virus, to the elections, to deadly safety at the hands of the law, it was a scourge. Add to this, the wild fires, the hurricanes, creating a menace…. schools and institutions began to close, businesses shut down, jobs were lost, people began to drop dead and it was the nearest feeling and sight to an apocalypse. "Ah! And don 't forget," God jumped in to say, "No toilet paper or Lysol!"

It is believed that when man plans, God laughs. So, I asked Him what His plans were for the future, for us and his planet Earth. He replied, "There will be a vaccine. It will immunize but not without the mix of humility, kindness, giving and caring for all the living species on my earth. Be forgiving and I will continue to delight in giving you mercy." I stopped to think and asked again. "A vaccine? What if I grow horns and a tail?" I heard a chuckle; I kid you not and God said, zooming further into my screen, "better that on Earth than in Hell"!"

We have lived to see the worst pandemic in a century, all in this one year and when the countdown ends, a new decade of hope will surge. Amidst all this loss and destruction and tragedies, we have seen courage and sacrifice and hope. We may never look at this year with any fondness, but folks have risen to the challenges as never before and I have witnessed the suffering and panic and so, to all those whose losses and sufferings seemed endless and to all whose support I could not do without, my salutations and respect. I read a story of a young girl who travelled 5000 miles to see her sick father, only to be able to see him at 12 feet apart, dying. I had a final question for God as I missed my daughter and family and friends across the pond, "When can I travel"? God replied, "Till further notice, wait and be patient, especially you as you are a high risk one. Continue to zoom Me in."

In the meantime, I shall keep multi- tasking. Will bake, work, juggle, care, give, forgive, be kind and stay humble. As for the 2021 Planner, use it humbly too. Zoom in with God, before you do!

Wishing the world, a blessed New Year...


Seema Azharuddin

Journalist, Writer, Orator, Senior Consultant, Leadership & Communication, Actor, Producer, Activist – An Empowered Woman in quest and fight for needed causes and campaigns. She is based out of both the USA and India.


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