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The pademelon is a small to medium sized marsupial that is found in the forests of Australia and surrounding islands. It is closely related to the wallaby and the kangaroo. There are seven different species of this animal i.e. pademelons, and they are usually found in the jungles of the...

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What Akbar Dreamt of?

Not just other people, even emperor Akbar has also tried to defeat Birbal. Once Akbar was narrating a dream. The dream began with Akbar and Birbal walking...

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Cherrapunji, also (historically) named as Sohra is a subdivisional town in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. It is a traditional capital of a...

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Moje Riba

Moje Riba, one of the prominent martyrs of India’s freedom movement,and one of the noble sons of the country, was a patriot and a kind human being who...

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World Cities Day

A city is defined as a large human settlement. Cities, generally, have huge systems for transportation, sanitation, housing, land use, utilities, and...