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Letters to THE EDITOR: Day 35 Justice waiting

Letters to THE EDITOR: Day 35 Justice waiting

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Day 35 Justice waiting

Till writing of this letter 35 days have passed since the horrifying incident that took place in a remote village in Karbi Anglong. The parents of the unfortunate boys namely Nilotpal Das and Abhijit Nath and rest of people of Assam are still waiting for the justice to be delivered. Though the case has been put on a fast-track court, yet the progress of the case makes people like us think what would have happened had the case been put in normal queue. Perhaps the parents would not see the verdict during their lifetime. Though the social media till now is carrying the demand for justice, but I guess during the course of time that unfortunate incident will be sunk into oblivion. As days are passing by, I fear this case would meet the fate of Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. That spine-chilling incident was committed in 2012 and very recently the death penalty was pronounced. It took six long years and till today culprits are breathing. Very often we hear 'justice delayed is justice denied', but it not practiced in reality. Before parting I ,along with the rest of the people, demand justice for Nilotpal Das and Abhijit Nath at the earliest and set a tone for zero tolerance against crime. Waiting in anticipation with bated breath.

Gaurrav Chowdhury,

GNB Road Guwahati.

Kaziranga National Orchid Park

It is a matter of regret that our State Government is determined to evict the Kaziranga National Orchid Park. Is it an illegal liquor den that needs to be abolished in greater public interest? To speak the truth, whoever has visited the park once will definitely raise his voice to go against the Government's illogical step. Now it is requested that the govenrment should put a second thought to their decision and support the cooperative society in charge of the nature they nurture and protect. In other corners of the world where the government acknowledges and incubates such noble initiatives and in Assam we see the opposite picture.

We hope justice will be done forthwith.

Nichi Raj Kamal,

Khanapara, Ghy - 22.

Raha Toll Gate

The saying goes 'He who pays the piper has the right to call for the tune'. The BJP-led NDA at the Centre and the State ruling dispensation, by certain unpopular steps incur displeasure with the people of India in general and the people of Assam in particular, ignoring the fact that the general election is in the offing. While the Central Government promulgated certain unpopular acts, especially on economic front to harass the people, the State Government too fails to live up to the expectation. We have similar toll gates while travelling to New Mumbai (Navee Mumbai) from the old one. Similarly, we could find such gates in our journey to Joypore from Delhi by car. So there can be no logic behind not installing similar gates in Raha. While in Mumbai and Delhi, one can traverse the distance by car smoothly, in Assam it is not so. People moving from Digboi, Tinsukia, and Dibrugarh to Guwahati have a tough time in negotiating with the potholes. Of course, barring the connecting roads, the National High way received a facelift. But the proposal and execution of the said toll gate, we believe is earlier than expected. We are agreeable to the fact that the government has to complete the 4-lane covering upper Assam and then go for installing the gate in Raha. Instead, the government forcibly put the gate much to the displeasure of the people. The BJP leaders (read ministers) should realize that Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts jointly pay the highest revenue to the State coffers. We find no reasons why our ministers are not agile to ensure completion of construction of 4-lane in the entire State first before going to take the unpopular decision. Why is the government silent on the seams in the construction of 4-lane for which we could see 'Sivasagar bandh'? Why are the guilty persons allowed to go scot-free?

Through your esteemed daily, we appeal to the Chief Minister to arrange for completion of construction of the 4-lane and then install the toll gate, which is the source of revenue.

Ashok Bordoloi,


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