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Letters to The EDITOR: What about the loss?

Letters to The EDITOR: What about the loss?

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What about the loss?

I want to draw the attention to the State Government towards temporary helipad and the 500m way which was constructed with Rs 1.70 crore on an 8 bigha land including 5 bigha (100 m L×100 m B) for helipad and 3 bigha for the way through crop fields to reach at the main open temporary shed which was constructed for the Prime Minister-Narendra Damudar Modi. The said plot is totally damaged and probably farmers will not be able to scatter crops on the constructed helipad site and the connecting way for about five years. That is why I want to ask the minister, how will farmers produce paddy?

Pranjal Kr Sharma,


Enactment of a tough law –The need of the hour

Frequent bandhs in Assam paralyze the lives of the common people. It seems as if a parallel government is functioning in Assam. What pains us is the reign of terror let loose by some of the members of the bandh. Doctors going to attend emergency duty in hospitals are also not spared by the hooligans. Hopefully, all the culprits who attacked and injured the doctor couple at Digboi besides vandalizing their car on February 9 would soon be caught. Some miscreants smashed the glasses of trucks beating up the truck driver and an auto-rickshaw driver. These incidents speak volume of the jungle-raj that prevails in Assam despite a rosy picture projected by the state ruling dispensation. Enactment of a tough law is the need of the hour with provisions not only to punish the culprits with rigorous imprisonment but also to ensure that they (miscreants) make good the loss of the properties they destroyed. Many now like to say that we are the inhabitants of 'Bandh Pradesh'.

Ashok Bordoloi,


Hats off to Mr Conrad Sangma

Hats off to Mr Conrad Sangma, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya for playing a key role to unite the people of North East as a whole to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), tooth and nail. Mr Sangma's non-ambiguous stand created a kind of paranoia at the highest level in the government which might have deterred the BJP government to table the obnoxious CAB in the Rajya Sabha. Obviously, all organizations like AASU, KMSS, AJYCP including political parties like the Congress and the AGP are to be congratulated in their mission to convince and unite various opposition political parties of the country to oppose the CAB. Finally, it is the victory of the people of Assam and the victory of the people of North East as well. The final take is: our unity is our strength!

Prafulla Dowarah,


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