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A scandal is an action or event which becomes public, causing anger or outrage. Sometimes it happens due to rumours or even gossip which happens quite often to politicians, big businessmen and those in the field of glamour like actors, singers, sportsmen, etc. A malicious scandal can ruin the career of a person and some people even commit suicide after being unable to face the shame in public.

Use of proper Vaastu can prevent a person from facing scandals. There are directions and planets which are responsible for human behaviour and different attributes.

Mercury is responsible how you express yourself to the outer world, your ability to handle stresses and tackle unfortunate choices in life. Mercury is the associated with 4th house, representing relatives and friends, 2nd house representing speech and 10th house representing profession. A weaker mercury can compel one to make unfortunate choices and poor relationships due to inappropriate speech. The North is ruled by Mercury according to Vaastu. So a defective North will result in the above.

The Northwest should not be elevated. As it is ruled by the the Moon, it also controls our feelings, emotions and mental power. Deficiencies in the Northwest will affect these qualities. The Northwest should not be cut or distorted. If your North-west has Vaastu defects then people in your own party may start cheating on you.

Venus rules beauty and sexual attributes. It dictates the power of love in one's life. It governs courtship and adoration, as well as personal taste and aesthetics. Venus also rules the gentle and refined attributes of human life. Some areas controlled by Venus are the bedroom, discotheque, red light areas, etc. A weaker venus can bring problems related to the above areas and qualities. According to Vaastu, the southeast is ruled by Venus.


  1. The East is connected with your reputation.
  2. The North direction represents financial status.
  3. The South is associated with authority and position.
  4. The South-east affects health and mental peace.
  5. The South-west is a very important direction, with respect to stability and peace in life. Any sort of Vaastu defect in South-west should be immediately checked.


Election time is the moment when political and financial scandals are highlighted by political parties, opposition and media for personal gains. This is the time when it becomes very essential for politicians to take the right Vaastu measures so that they do not face any public scandals or scams. They must operate from an office or buildings which do not allow negative energies SCANDALS from affecting them adversely.

Check if your party office is in the T point or T zone at first. If so, then this office must be changed immediately. This is not at all a good location for having a building where you need to concentrate on programs for the development of the society as there is lot of negative energy coming from this direction.

The party workers are extremely important in strengthening and promoting the party's ideas and philosophy. While deciding the right Vaastu for your party office, seating of volunteers also plays a major role. Volunteers should be provided an area in the office so that they face the East. Facing North is the second choice. In no circumstances, they should face the South or West.

The person contesting the elections should locate his/her cabin is in the South direction and face the East. The South direction ensures stability, consistency and growth. Also, your bedroom at your residence should be in the Southwest or South direction. This is because one may be required to operate from the house at odd hours for a number of times.

The entrance of your office or cabin should be in the East. This is the direction of sun. The Sun represents power, life, positivity. Therefore having an entrance in the East will help feel any sort of negativity away.

It should be ensured that the North of the office should be in accordance with Vaastu as this area is connected with finances. If in any manner, the North is not up to the mark, then you can encounter financial problems as this area is connected with the flow of money.

The material required for canvassing during elections should be stored in the Northwest direction. This direction ensured that the products kept there are dispersed efficiently and yields results.

Picture of the person who is about to contest the elections should be placed on the East or Northeast wall of the room.


The wealth pot is a particularly promising symbol of endless prosperity, wealth and success – the treasure flowing out of it (such as gold ingots, gold bars, coins and pearls) all contribute to this symbolism. By using a wealth pot, it is said that you are attracting wealth luck from all directions into your home or workplace, while at the same time averting a monetary loss. It is for this reason that many people in the field of sales, SCANDALS business and speculative investments seek wealth pots. They are also said to be very useful to those who are looking to increase their affluence luck and draw premium luck.

In Asia, wealth pots are widely placed in homes or offices. In many shops, a wealth pot placed at the cashier counter is believed to multiply prosperity and fortune. One can also view wealth pots placed in the vicinity of Chinese Wealth Gods to make the pot even more powerful. Keep it on your desk or workplace to attract wealth luck and good fortune to your life and to your business. By using a wealth pot, you are attracting wealth luck from all directions into your home or workplace, while at the same time averting a monetary loss. It is for this reason that many persons in the field of sales, business and speculative investments seek wealth pots. They are also very useful to people who are looking to increase their affluence and bring luck.

The following rules should be observed while placing the Wealth Pot:

  1. Place a wealth pot in the Northwest sector of your living room or office. This will set in motion your luck for seeking business opportunities.
  2. To bring in good luck, fortune and wealth luck, place this lucky charm in your home, office or shop. By doing this, you will bring in wealth luck as well as protect your current fortune.
  3. Place the wealth pot in the Southeast corner of your living room, or office to augment your wealth luck. Placing this Feng Shui wealth symbol in the Southeast corner will be beneficial because, according to
    Feng Shui Bagua
    formula, it is the ideal corner for wealth generation luck.
  4. The Feng Shui wealth potis essential to tycoons and for those doing business and seeking success. The symbolism of the Wealth Pot triggers us to search for business opportunities in daily life.
  5. Place this Feng Shui productin front of the main entrance, so that it is visible whenever you walk in. This will invite fortune into the area through chi entry points.
  6. Place a Feng Shui wealth potin your office or shop is said to help attract more customers, thus increasing sales and revenue.


  1. My plot is on the eastern side of a hillock. The Southeastern corner is sloping downwards. Is it bad? If so, what can be done?
  2. Langthasa, Diphu

Ans: The lower Southeast has made your Northeast higher in comparison. So it is not good. If you cannot raise the Southeast, then cut/dig the Northeast area to compensate it so that the north-eastern portion remains lower. You may also think about constructing a heavier structure at Southeast like a heavy wall, pillar, etc.


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