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Profit in business and wealth mean a lot nowadays. Doing hard work in any business without substantial profit has no meaning and eventually, it will fizzle out. The western zone of the house or business establishment is the zone of profit. If this area is not proper as per Vaastu, there will be financial losses. In the house, the West is the direction where the dining table should be placed. At work and in business, all items related to profit making should be kept at the West. Generally, products kept at the West and Northwest sell fast and grow rapidly.

However, the western zone should not be too large or too big. Waste materials like old newspapers, unused toys and items, old clothes, etc. should not be kept in this area. This will affect your profit making. Needless to say that the West should be kept neat and clean with proper colour scheme.



  1. The Fire element plays a big role in wealth. This element should be properly activated in the Southeast. So the kitchen and the stove should be placed at the Southeast. The geyser in the bathroom, transformer or inverter, etc. should be at the Southeast. A red bulb should be kept lit at the Southeast corner of the house in lieu.
  2. The Southwest is the direction of the earth element. Keep a yellow-coloured earthen flower pot at the Southwest. This will increase savings and chances of acquiring a new property.
  3. The North is ruled by Kubera, the Lord of Wealth. Keep a statue or picture of Lord Kubera in the middle of the northern wall. Since Kubera is a Yaksha (Demon), he should not be worshipped!!
  4. Install a picture of Goddess Mahalakshmi at the West or Southeast. There should be four elements surrounding her in the picture.
  5. Those who are working in the private sector and have lost their jobs or seeking better jobs should keep a money plant in a blue bottle at the North and watch the miracle!!


Being the son of Lord Vayu (Pawan/Air), Hanuman represents strength and energy. People worship him for protection. It is said that the presence of Lord Hanuman in the house protects one from the evil effects of Saturn, Mars and ghosts etc. A picture or statue of Hanuman can do wonders but one has to place them as per Vaastu.

According to Vaastu, it is best to keep the picture of Lord Hanuman at the South. He should be in the sitting position in red colour. He should face the South for best results. The Vaastu defects in the South are rectified by this.

The picture or statue of Lord Hanuman should NOT be kept in the bedroom. It should be either in the puja area or at South outside but in a sacred place (not in a toilet or bathroom).

Lord Hanuman's picture or statue is excellent to keep off negative energies. If you are scared of ghosts or evil forces, keep the Panchmukhi (five faced) Hanuman over the main door which is visible by all.

Presence of the Panchmukhi Hanuman in the house removes the blocks to progress and the house becomes prosperous. A water body at southwest is one of the worst Vaastu defects. A statue or picture of the Panchmukhi Hanuman facing the water body can protect the residents from the evil effects.

Lord Hanuman was known for his loyalty to his master Lord Rama. It is very auspicious to keep the picture of Lord Hanuman sitting by the side of Lord Rama in the living room or where people gather. The picture of Lord Hanuman lifting a mountain or that of Panchmukhi Hanuman can also be kept. But any one of them should be kept, not all. The picture with the mountain also infuses courage, strength, confidence and responsibility.

The picture of a flying Hanuman is very good for progress and success. This should be kept in the living room or puja room.

The picture of Lord Hanuman singing Ram Vandna or Bhajan is very good for devotion and beliefs. These, in turn, will bring success in life.


The Guava is a very useful fruit. It is full of Vitamin C and it can cure constipation. You can prepare excellent jam and jelly from the guava pulp. Its seeds have lot of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Considered as one of the best plants to have in the compound according to Vaastu, the Guava plant has a special place in Indian culture. The presence of this tree makes a plot very good as per Vaastu. Avoid the northeast corner while planting this tree.


It is very common for negative energy to enter the house. This in turn can affect our minds and often we find members of the house fighting amongst each other for the slightest of reasons. As the house is like a temple for us, by quarrelling the sanctity of the temple is destroyed. By having positive energy into the house, the atmosphere can be transformed like that of a serene temple. But how to do this?


We have discussed many methods of cleansing the energy of the house. Here are some very easy methods.

  1. Swiping the rooms up and down with a peacock feather can remove negative energy.
  2. The flute is the instrument of Lord Krishna. It is a symbol of good luck and wealth. Keeping it in a slanting position in any direction of the house can generate positive energy.
  3. Keep some rock salt or common sea salt on top of an almirah at the Southwest corner of the house. Change it after 4-5 days. Sweep the floor with saltwater regularly.
  4. A silver swastika on top of the main door will not allow negative energy to enter the house and will account for almost 75% Vaastu correction.
  5. The kitchen or toilet should not be in front of the main door. As far as possible they should not be visible when one enters or leaves the house.


  1. DO NOT keep leather bags, belts or shoes in the puja room as they are made of dead animal skins.
  2. DO NOT keep 2. photos of ancestors or deceased persons in the puja room. Keep them in the living room at the South.
  3. Just like as we do, the gods should be rested at night too. So draw curtains of the puja room at night.
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