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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  8 Oct 2019 6:20 AM GMT

With space becoming a constraint in big cities and towns, constructions are taking place in all available areas. As far as possible, a plot in a ditch or low lying area should be avoided for having a house or for constructing a business building. If this becomes unavoidable, such plots can be used with some Vaastu correction.

Roads at East and North should not be higher than the plot.

  1. If there is a road in the East, it can be used provided the road level is not higher than the plot level.
  2. For plots with road on the West, the road should be at a higher level.
  3. For plots with road on the North, the road should not be at higher level.
  4. For plots with road on the South side, the road should be at higher level.
  5. If there are roads in more than one side, the roads at the South and West should be at a higher level and roads at the North and East should be at lower level than the plot.
  6. The plinth level should be at least 2 feet higher than the road level.
  7. The plots at lower level than the road or roads are inauspicious.


Though a plot should be ideally square or rectangular in shape, it is not so in practice on many occasions, especially in unplanned towns and cities. Some plots have extensions while some have cuts or reduced corners which give positive or negative results. For example, a cut in the Northeast corner can arrest growth and development and affect the progress of children. Wealth will be destroyed. But a projection at the western portion of Northwest is very good for women and politicians.

Defective plots can be corrected by dividing the plot into two parts making one square or rectangular and a smaller one with the cut or extension. The bigger plot having proper shape should be used for construction. A compound wall should be built to separate the plots.

Pyramids are used to demarcate an extended or reduced area so that negative energy cannot enter the plot. As different areas of the plot are controlled by different planets, corresponding yantras are used to reduce the negative effects.


The Friday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi. So the Hindus observe this day to appease the goddess of wealth to invite the riches. Both Vaastu and Astrology has suggested several ways by which this can be achieved.

  • It is a must to worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday. The picture or statue of the goddess should be kept on a red cloth and a lamp with cow ghee should be lit. Pink Rose should be offered during the Puja.
  • For Prasad, halwa (a sweet) made with ghee should be offered. After the Puja is over, this should be taken by the family members and distributed among the poor.
  • The Sriyantra or the Mahalakshmi Yantra should be used during the puja for extra benefits. The silver coin is very lucky too.
  • Those looking for a job should donate red clothes on Friday.
  • Meditating on Goddess Mahalakshmi sitting on lotus on a Friday night can help repaying loans. It should be preferably done after eleven PM and imagined that you are showering lotuses on the goddess. 108 lotuses should be offered mentally. Do it every Friday till financial situation improves.
  • The nature of Goddess Lakshmi is fickle and she does not stay in one place. That is why money changes hands from one to another. But she stays with Lord Vishnu. So wherever Lord Vishnu is there, Goddess Lakshmi stays with him. That is why Lord Vishnu should be worshipped in the house so that goddess Lakshmi also stays put! Keep a picture or statue of Lord Vishnu and worship him regularly. Wednesdays are dedicated to Lord Vishnu.


Electronic items have become inseparable in the present day households. Even in villages and remote areas, where electricity is not there, people are using mobile phones and TVs operated by battery. Electronic gadgets like mobiles, Laptops, PCs, TV, Music systems, microwave ovens etc have become very common in most urban houses.

Over time, these electronic gadgets become obsolete and break down. It is seen quite often that old and unused electronic items are allowed to gather dust in houses or offices. Electronic clutter can create big Vaastu problems/defects without one realizing it.

One should dispose the electronic items like broken chargers, batteries and other such accessories when not in use. Not only do they create unnecessary mess, they also act as a barrier in free flow of positive energy in the house. Many a time, wires connecting electronic gadgets are jumbled up and kept in the open. This also indicates the state of affairs of the house.

We have to replace some gadgets like the toaster, oven or mixer cum grinder in the kitchen when they become old or unserviceable. These should not be stored in the kitchen but given away to others or sold as scrap. If they are still in working condition and can be used later by someone else, then they should be kept properly packed.

Electronic gadgets that are currently not in use in your house should be properly placed in a paper carton. This will ensure that any sort of electromagnetic waves are checked and controlled.

The direction for most of the electronic items is South-east. The South can also be considered. But items like the air conditioner should not be fitted at Southeast because it involves water via condensation. West or northwest is best for Air Conditioners.

Some Valuable Vastu Tips

  • A longer North-South length is always better because this length has great cosmic power which is able to withstand any Vaastu fault.
  • The center of the house is the Brahmasthan and should be kept free of any load. Use white marble flooring in this area. Crystal, water and silver add positivity to this zone.
  • It is necessary to shift a plantor a tree if it is in the wrong zone or is creating an obstruction in the entrance. Cut long branches of trees that cast shadows on the building.
  • Defects in the North areas may create negativity in the South and defects in the North-West may create negativity in the South-East. Hence improving the qualities of one zone indirectly brings positivity to its corresponding zone.
  • A basementin the South-East, South, South-West and West gives severe negative results.
  • Terrace and extension in the south zone leads to premature death of father.
  • Terrace and balcony in South-East or a cut in South-East or a bore well or well in the South-East all lead to loss of progeny and discontinuity of family line.
  • The Northwest is the “enemy zone” pr “Shatrusthan”. An extended North-West leads to theft or excessive expenditure.
  • Avoid sleeping on wrought iron beds or using wrought iron furniture. Wood is the best material to make beds and other furniture because it is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. Wrought iron is a good conductor of electricity and disturbs the energy flow in the room.
  • Mirrors and glass are important tools of Vaastu rectification. They represent the theories of reflection and refraction. Glass is used to facilitate entrance of external light. Mirrors are used to extend particular zones. Mirrors should be placed only on Northern and Eastern walls and never on Southern or western walls.


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