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Mind Over Matter Part - 1 | 8 Oct, 2019

Mind Over Matter Part - 1 | 8 Oct, 2019

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  1. Dear Maam, please share some tips on how I can develop my son. I want him to grow up to be emotionally strong. What should we, as guardians, do to help him develop well? Please guide us.

(Name withheld)

Ans: I am so glad to read your query. Considering your child's positive mental health is the first and foremost point all guardians should consider. At the outset, family bonding is of utmost importance. Make sure to share your feelings with one another (most families do not practice this). Leading by example is another way to teach and equip your child with adequate coping skills. At the first instance of a problem, refrain yourself from rushing to help your child. Let him try and resolve. This will go a long way in development of life skills in the long run. Help him to develop a hobbies, this equips one to relax and recharge oneself.

  1. Dear Madam, I had a important point to share with you. I don't have anyone else to share this with. I am a student. I stay in Bangalore. This time while coming to Guwahati by train, I met a boy. We chatted a lot. It was nice. He was behaving well. Now I remember about him and can't forget about him. Just meeting on the train how I can like a person? Whether it is good or bad, I do not know. But it is difficult to forget him. Please advise me madam. I will be very thankful.

(Name withheld)

Ans: You appear to be very much taken by this person. Many a times, situations occur in our lives when we get totally influenced by someone we meet, especially when we spend some time in close proximity with the person. I appreciate you admire this person's qualities and manners. However it is not possible for us to understand a person in only 2-3 days. Accept that you admire him and try to get on with your life. If you are meant to meet up with him sometime in life it will happen on its own course. But do not waste your present life waiting for something to happen. Get on with your studies for now. Take care.

  1. Q. Madam, I need your suggestion. Please help me to be a patient person. I feel I am too impatient. I get irritated very quickly. I also get angry very quickly. My family gets upset because of this. But I cannot help myself. I think I won't do again I repeat same mistake. Please share tips to be patient.

(Name witheld)

Ans: What you have described usually depends a great deal on one's personality - some of us are able to manage stress better than others. Since there is only so much you can do to alter your personality, here are some suggestions that might help:

- Try to distance yourself from the stressful situation when you can: If, for example, you're having an argument with someone that is causing you stress, move away. Say you will discuss the matter later and go do something else to take your mind off it. Go for a walk, watch TV, talk to a friend, anything that will allow you to forget about the argument for that time.

- Take some deep breaths and try to focus on the positive aspects of the situation. You can even take up Yoga or some such meditational activity that'll help you to relax.

- Enjoy some confidence-boosting activity: Join some hobby/crafts clubs and make new friends. The more you speak to people the better your public speaking skills will develop.

(Ms. Gariasi Dutta is a Psychological counsellor with down town hospital. She can be contacted at 9864055560 or

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