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Desire: Poetry

Desire: Poetry

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Buddhadev Nandi

Oh God, never did I want You

To be my Savior…

In my dreary days of discomfort

And protect me

From the onslaught of abrupt gales.

It is my prayer to You

To give me strength enough…

To withstand smilingly,

And not to be distressed

Duringgreat upheavals.

But I am quite sure

You will be present nearby

Like the mother bird

To watchfrom the distance,her nestlings

Trying to unfurl their feeble wings.

Therefore, it is my earnest desire to You

To plunge meinto the limitless sea of troubles,

To convince me firmly,

That You remain, not far away,

To watch my never-ending fight.


The Jatiswar

Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

I marvel,

Wonder dumbfound…

Ask myself many a times...


How many lives do I really live,

Both near and afar?

Everything else begrimes,

Just glimpses,

It flashes...I often see,

Transports the soul elsewhere...

I suddenly leave you all

And I walk away from me!

I move away,

With bewilderment

I question my sanity,

My remembrances

Failing always when measured

With reason and reality!

Sometimes at an unknown seashore,

A season unknown,

At times in the midst of a desert storm,

And slowly the story unfolds,

The search for the door,

The alma mater...the core !

It was not on a journey unknown,

I am here as I was always before,

My looks and my manner,

Like glass, they may shatter,

But love never dies, was never gone,

Only whispers every time,

Into this world...

And yet again…I am reborn;

The story has a new page…

But the saga continues!


Dance forms

Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

Regardless of the

Fact we breathe, or no longer breathe,

The only feeling we cannot conquer, is love,

Thus our stupid souls dance in circles,

And so does the solar systems out there!

Our blood dances because it thinks it's perfectly free

Until it meets the heart,

When it falls in love and freely swims back again!

The past dances into our present...

Merging with the existing dances, thinking about the future;

Destiny dances in-between!

In the dance of life,

Our broken wings

And our lost whispers

Dances dreaming of soaring again...

That's why

Day and night...

Love and pain...!!


Drowning in Water

(For a proud girl)

Kamal Kumar Tanti

Without a word stops death,

even if it is death

Drowning in water

Man gulps water and life ends

It ends, bit by bit, ends

The inhale and exhale of breathing

For a fraction, there is a desire to see


Your eyes

In the blue water, some men find death

Since for those people, life was not necessary

Oxygen is less in water

Still losing something to find something else

Men look for death

Death drowning in water

Hence, he searches the water for oxygen

A man's final duty

Without a word stops death, a man's death

With a blackened torso from the water returns the man

He is no longer human

He turns into a green body

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