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The morning marks the beginning of a new day. Vaastu prescribes some do's and don't's in the morning because we commit certain mistakes unknowingly which may put the entire day on the wrong foot. We will discuss eight such mistakes:

  1. DO NOT look at your face in the mirror immediately after waking up. Instead, look at both your palms and thank/wish god. Our hands will only take us through the day by working.

(Image of palms)

  1. DO NOT wash oily or greasy utensils in the morning. It spoils the whole day. So dirty utensils should be washed in the night itself.
  2. Name of monkey should not be taken early in the morning even if you happen to see one or bump into one. It is said that if you do so, you do not get to eat on time!!
  3. DO NOT look at your (or someone else's) shadow in the morning. It brings bad luck besides fear and tensions.
  4. It is inauspicious to see two dogs fighting in the morning. It may be unavoidable sometimes but you should be prepared for some bad luck that day.
  5. DO NOT look at the photograph of any animal in the morning. This brings quarrels and tensions. That is why pictures of animals are forbidden in the bedrooms.
  6. As it is, smoking is injurious for health but it is worst when done in the morning. Some people have this habit of lighting a cigarette immediately upon waking up otherwise their bowel movement is affected! This is very bad as it increases the risk of cancer manifolds.
  7. One should not fight early in the morning be it with the spouse or a family member or neighbour/vendor. This creates a negative atmosphere and you will not be able to concentrate in your work the whole day.


Kidneys filter blood passing through them and dispose the waste via urine. High blood pressure and diseases like diabetes can cause the kidneys to malfunction. Kidney stones can cause severe back pain too.

According to Vaastu, the various parts of the vaastu Purush are responsible for proper functioning of the kidneys. Problems in the Northeast and Southwest cause kidney problems. As the Southeast and Northwest are the limbs of the Vaastu Purush, Vaastu defects in the West can cause stomach problems related to the kidneys.

Cuts in the Northeast and Southwest can cause kidney problems. Presence of a toilet, kitchen or a heavy store in the Northeast can start kidney problems. Similarly, if the Southwest is extended or has a cut, kidney problems will occur. The Northeast is considered as the head of the Vaastu Purush and the Southwest as the legs. Underground water body at Southwest can also cause kidney problems.

Interestingly, a person who donates his kidney or a person who receives a kidney have similar Vaastu defects in their homes.



  1. I am a student of Geography (Post graduate). I am quite interested in this subject of Vaastu. How do the different directions have effect on us?

Rakesh Sarmah

Ans: You will be surprised to find the effects of directions on us. These are purely based on observations and research. There 9 major directions. Let us see their different effects:

(Image of Directions)

  1. EAST: Lord Indra rules the East. This is called the paternal side and very important for the sons. If the East is higher and has less open space in front, there will be financial burden all the time and the children will not do well.
  2. WEST: The Eest is ruled by Varun. If this direction is lower than the East, expenses will be more than income. Water body at East will affect the health of male members.
  3. NORTH: The maternal side is linked with the North. Lord Kuber rules the North. As Kuber rules the finances, any defect at the North will affect finances. It will also hinder growth, progress and development.
  4. SOUTH: Lord Yama rules the South. It is a gross Vaastu defect to keep the South open and lighter. There should be less number of doors and windows at the South. A water body at the South is bad for the health of the ladies.
  5. SOUTHEAST: This direction is ruled by the fire element (Agni). There should not be a water body at Southeast which will affect the health and relations. Defective Southeast cause fire problems and thefts.
  6. SOUTHWEST: The earth element rules the Southwest. Lord Nairuth is the ruler of Southwest. Defects like a cut, extension or water body at southwest can cause mishaps, accidents, heath and financial problems.
  7. NORTHWEST: Lord Vayu controls the Northwest and it is ruled by the air element. This direction should be open. Problems at the Northwest brings fear, enemies, loss of vitality.
  8. NORTHEAST: Also known as the Eashan Kon, the northeast is ruled by Jupiter. This is considered as the most auspicious direction and the puja room is best in this direction. Defective northeast brings bad luck, bad name and poverty.
  9. BRAHMASTHAN: The centre of a house/plot is known as the Brahmasthan and is ruled by the space or ether element. Lord Brahma controls this area. This direction should be kept open and clean. Any obstruction in the centre will bring obstacles, stress, losses, etc.

  1. I have my kitchen at the Northeast. There is no way I can shift it. Please suggest some remedies.

Mukul Sarkar, Via email

Ans: Kitchen at Northeast will burn your wealth and create relationship problems among family members. You have to take several remedial measures.

  1. Shift the cooking area at the Southeast corner so that cooking is done facing the East.
  2. Place the sink at Northeast. Place the drinking water system at Northeast.
  3. Keep a statue of Lord Ganesha at North.
  4. Light a red bulb at the Southeast corner of the house.
  5. Keep an Agni Yantra at Southeast of kitchen. In lieu, you can also keep a Sriyantra, Guru Yantra and Ketu Yantra at northeast.


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