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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 April 2019 11:08 AM GMT

We inadvertently do certain things upon waking up thinking them to be right. But they may be wrong without us realising. We will discuss some of these early morning habits which are forbidden by Vaastu. Most of us look at the mirror after getting up from the bed to check ourselves. Our dress, get up and hair are untidy immediately after getting up from the bed. Seeing this reflection is not auspicious. So one should not immediately look at the mirror after waking up.

We must remember the supreme god immediately after opening the eyes. This brings confidence. It is a good habit to look at the sun and pray to the sun god. The Surya Namaskar is recommended early in the morning by Yoga. Water should be offered to the Sun God after waking up. It is very auspicious to hear the sound of bells from a temple. It is said to be lucky to see the conch shell, coconut, flowers or peacock after waking up. So you can keep them at the bedroom in a place where you can easily see them. A peacock feather will substitute for the bird! When you go out of the house, it is extremely lucky to see a cleaner or sweeper. Those who keep pets have the habit of calling them or making them sit nearby during breakfast. This should be avoided. In fact, for that matter the name of any animal should not be taken while having breakfast. This ruins the day.

But it is auspicious to see a white cow in the morning. Hindus regard the cow next to the mother and it is recommended to offer the first cooked roti to cattle. If the early morning sunlight can be made to fall on a pot of drinking water, it is very good to see and drink it. If the morning sunlight can be diffused to enter the bedroom via a crystal, it is extremely good for all round luck. Crystals can be charged for this purpose exposing to moonlight also but for a longer duration.


A lot of importance has been given in Vaastu Shastra regarding food and the way it is cooked and consumed. There are several rules to be followed before and after taking food. By following the Vaastu rules while dining, one can keep a lot of diseases at bay while creating a strong family bond.

  1. All the family members must dine together for at least one meal in the day. This improves relationship among the members. Many important decisions and discussions are held during a meal.
  2. Shun the bad habit of keeping the plate under the bed or table after eating. This angers Goddess Lakshmi and brings poverty. One must learn to respect Ma Annapurna by respecting the dish where food is served.
  3. Never leave the dishes unwashed overnight. Those who do this face frequent quarrels due to negative energy generated by the dirty dishes.
  4. One should pray to God and Goddess Annapurna before taking a meal. It is custom among devout Christians also to pray and thank the lord for the food being provided.
  5. Never leave half eaten meal on a plate. This creates financial blocks.
  6. DO NOT hold the plate with one hand. This is an insult to food. So it is not good to eat while standing by holding the plate on one hand as in buffet meals. It is better to sit down and eat.
  7. There are several items which are not to be taken at night. Curd and Sattu (crushed gram) are a few.
  8. Always face the East or North while eating. This improves digestion.
  9. One must not go to bed immediately after eating food. This leads to Pitta dosh inside your body. Those who go to sleep immediately after eating food, have increased chances of having appetite related diseases.
  10. It is advised to walk 100 steps after having dinner. However, one should not run or jog which will have adverse effects.
  11. Eating a meal with soaked feet is considered very good. Vaastu Vidya explains that sitting with wet feet helps in balancing the temperature of the body, which further boosts digestion and metabolism, while we consume the meal.
  12. Do not exchange angry words while eating. This will affect the digestive system.
  13. Goddess Lakshmi likes cleanliness. So the dining area must be kept neat and clean.
  14. DO NOT wash your hands on the plate where food was taken. This is an insult to food resulting in poverty.
  15. DO NOT touch cattle, fire or Brahmins with dirty unwashed hands after eating.
  16. Do not cook if you are angry and sad. The mood gets into the food

A TIP: Lighting ghee lamps around the house everyday in the evening gets rid of negativity. The one you keep in your home temple must be offered along with coconut, flowers and some sweets to God.


It is believed that new born babies are pure and they are children of god. They are bestowed with the power of identifying their parents specially the mother immediately after birth. Babies can detect negativity immediately. If you want to check the Vaastu of a place, take a baby there. If the baby starts crying in that place, you will know that there are negative energies in that place!


  1. Someone told me that it is not good to have a peephole on the main door. Is it true?

J.Kalita, via email

Ans: A peephole creates a break on the door in the form of a cut which is not recommended by Vaastu as far as the main door is concerned. It is better to have a window by the side of the door to see who is coming. In apartments, where it may not be possible to keep a window, CC cameras may be installed or security lock chains can be fitted on the door.

  1. What are the best directions for rooms?

Arup Kr Gogoi, Sibasagar

Ans: This has been discussed many times earlier. But I am again giving a brief description:

  1. The master bedroom should be in the Southwest. The Kitchen should be in the Southeast. The Living Room and Pooja room should be in the Northeast. The guest bedroom or kid’s bedroom should be in the Northwest. Toilets and bathrooms are best in the NW, South or West.

I hope this helps.

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