IIT-G incident vis-à-vis GU authority

In the first place, any girl/lady has to have moral courage of the highest order to say in public that she was sexually harassed or subjected to hideous acts. Hiding facts under duress or for some reasons or the other can be termed as a cowardly act. Harassing women and looking upon them as objects of sex, have become a commonplace in Indian society. No sensible person would cast aspersions against the victim. Rather, one would like to lend a helping hand to her. Now, let us discuss the incident that happened at IIT-G recently. If the boys in question had no bad intention of any kind, then why did they take the three girls of GU to a secluded place in the campus at night and press them to have drinks? Why security staff had to rush them to hospital? Instead, the boys should have volunteered to take the girls to hospital for first aid. But they did not show that courtesy. It proves that they are not ‘holier- than- thou’, though some are trying to project as if nothing had happened.

I am appalled to find that Gauhati University (GU) authority, instead of siding with the victim in distress, has condemned her. And on top of it, GU authority is hounding the victim’s local guardian for standing by her side. What has gone wrong with our ‘society’?  This is absolutely bizarre!! At the end of the day, what is the GU authority trying to prove?   

Deepak Mazumder,