Delinquent BSNL

On 3rd Feb’17, I received a telephone call from BSNL No-0361 2608114 telling me that a cheque issued on Dec 22, 2016, for Rs.447/- in payment of my telephone bills had been bounced. The caller also asked me to clear the dues. Before I could request her to return me the bounced cheque, she abruptly disconnected the line. Thereafter, I tried to reconnect her on the same number but despite prolonged ring tune my call was not received. On the next working day on Feb 6, 2017  after few  attempts, I could connect the number and  got the same lady on the phone and requested her to return me the cheque; but she evasively enquired me of rules under which the bounced cheque had to be returned and  also asked me whether the dues have been cleared or not? This time too she abruptly disconnected the line.

As the procedure followed by the Bank (in this case it is SBI) a bounced cheque is returned to the sender office with the return slip. The bounced cheque should be returned to the drawer for drawer’s custody to prevent any risk of misuse. A bounced cheque attracts pelty and so if the said cheque by mistake is presented then the Bank will further realize pelty on subsequent times from the drawer. I understand the amount of Rs.447/-will be shown outstanding in the next bill and will be paid accordingly. On what basis the lady insisted on payment verbally on phone passes my mind. I take exception to what in a discourteous manner the BSNL staff replied and disconnected the line each time without allowing me to complete the discussion. It is also not out of place to express dissatisfaction that public contact phones are never attended in the BSNL offices though such facility is provided for customers’ convenience. Will the authority rein in such delinquent staff for improving both its public reputation & customers’ service; otherwise the catchphrase like ‘Customer Care’ remains mere a slogan?

Panlal Dey,

Old age

After experiencing all the stages of life, one attains old age. It is the test of time how one passes this stage. In most households, old parents are abandoned when the daughter-in-law does not want to live with them. The son also becomes hen-packed and abuses his parents. Daughter can not do anything about her parents as she is married off to another household. In most cases, old parents are sent to old age homes where they live a life away from their near and dear ones. They live with strangers but gradually they become a family. It is a shame that the sons forget how their parents brought them up. They should remember that their parents are their treasure. It is their duty to look after them till their last breath.

Mohua Chakraborty,