City polluted by car smoke

We notice that a number of different types of vehicles have been increasing tremendously in our city in the last few years and as a result, problem of traffic congestion has been growing from bad to worse due to lack of coordited and scientific magement. Affluent people buy automobiles leading to overcrowding of already congested city roads. This leads to more traffic-jams and the commuters breathe the smoke exhaled by these vehicles causing health hazards as cars emit several pollutants that are toxic. The pollutants that are emitted from car exhausts are dangerous to our health. We are concerned about the health hazards the citizens of Guwahati are facing severely due to this problem.

In this regard, we can suggest the following measures to be taken by the concerned Government Department for safety of the citizens of our city :—

I. All automobile dealers to sell new cars with the approval from the concerned department.

2. Old private/commercial vehicles which have already completed 15 years (i.e. date of purchase) should not be allowed to run on the city roads as old car exhaust causes problem.

3. Concerned Traffic Police or Transport Department to check the pollution control test of the car running on the roads; pollution control measures should be followed strictly.

4. Cutting down on the number of cars, travelling at high speed and keeping the car in good shape.

5. Adulteration of petrol and diesel should be dealt with strictly and swiftly.

6. Car owner should never overfill gas tank and he should always use clean gas.

7. Imposition of exemplary on the spot pelty for violation of pollution control rule.

In this important matter, Government of Assam should take serious steps for tackling the growing problem of car pollution in the city for safety of the health of the citizens of Guwahati.

Ushakanti Das,
Rukminigaon, Guwahati.

“A Daniel has come to the judgement…”

“A Daniel has come to judgement…” was the famous dialogue delivered by Shylock, the main villain in the masterpiece Merchant of Venice authored by Shakespeare. After the honorable Supreme Court verdict against Sasikala on Tuesday, a close associate of Late J Jayalalitha, one can feel that a Daniel has once again come to judgement. This Supreme Court verdict should act as deterrent to those politician and bureaucrats indulging in corruption. A strong message should be sent to all corrupt politicians and their company that Damocles sword is hanging over their head, it is just the matter of time.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,
Ambari, Guwahati-1.  

Abysmal wrong test report

It is shocking as well as disheartening that a test report of ultrasonography of abdomen of a male patient done on the advice of a physician of GMCH furnished by GMCH revealed that it is in regard to organs of ovaries and uterus which would be actually of a female patient. What is this? I would, therefore, like to request the GMCH authority to look into the matter seriously and take stern action against the wrong-doer for the negligence and callousness, and also take proper step so that no such incident may take place in future in GMCH and other hospitals.

Putul Sarma,
Biswath Chariali.