Kudos to Subhalakshmi!

Protests erupted across Assam, including Guwahati, after a case of harassment in Jorhat town was made public in a Facebook post. A college going girl med Subhalakshmi, recounted how she was allegedly groped, harassed and verbally molested by a group of motorbike riding youths. Public meetings, rallies and sigture campaigns were held against the youths. The girl’s Facebook post had gone viral, arousing shock, concern and anger among students, women’s organisations and others. The matter had come for discussion in the assembly on February 13 when legislators raised the issue. Parliamentary affairs minister Chandra Mohan Patowary said she should have lodged a police complaint instead of writing about the incident on Facebook. Comments by Chandra Mohan Patowary show how much BJP is rrow minded. It is shameful that the BJP leader had ridiculed  her for standing up. Subhalakshmi is the voice of thousands of girls who are being ill treated. Salute to Subhalakshmi for standing up for herself. Almost every girl in our country has faced this at some level. The girl’s courage should be lauded  for risking her own security. Government should take immediate steps to stop such harassment and provide security to women in the state.  

Asmi Kait Ali,
Juripar, Guwahati-22.

The greatest Indian

This has the reference to the article “Gandhi was never anti-technology” (The Sentinel, February 16). The article reveals the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi is undoubtedly the greatest Indian, and now it is not easy to select another great Indian like the Mahatma. The search for the greatest Indian should be based neither on perception nor the sentiments of the people of our country. It should be based on hard evidence. In my opinion, the greatest Indian is one who inspires people over a considerable period of time to move on a distinctive path towards progress. It could be a politician, a scientist or any other person. It is difficult to find someone as great as the Mahatma.

Satish Kumar Sarma,
Biswath Chariali.

Belligerent lawyers

From being involved in attacks on those accused of terrorist attacks and serious crimes, to taking on members of their own fraternity, even attacking media personnel covering court proceedings, lawyers have over the past decade or so become more belligerent than ever. The recent incident over the alleged man-handling  of a foreigners tribul judge in Goalpara of Assam  by some unruly  lawyers has exposed the exasperation among sections of the legal fraternity .

What is ironical is that most of these lawyers who indulge in violence have political protection and they go scot free. The judiciary is the upholder of the Rule of Law and enforcer of the Right to Liberty. The hooliganism by a section of lawyers in court room can’t be accepted.  Lawyers indulging in such acts should be banned from practising for a certain period. The incident has also raised concerns about the security and safety of judges.

Shajid Khan,
Tangla College,