Bad elements in Assam politics

Around 35 years ago, late ni Palkhivala, the eminent jurist and former ambassador to the US visited Guwahati. While interacting with the local press, he made a statement that “there are a few very bad elements in Assam politics”. His outburst might have emated out of sheer frustration. He said many things without ming anyone. However, his statement is still relevant in Assam politics. Number, in fact, has multiplied.  I know one thing for sure that bad people, whether a politician or an individual, can’t do anything good for the state/people. Bad is always bad! He/she can’t be Balmiki overnight. On the contrary, a good person may not always be successful in his mission; but one thing is for sure that a good person won’t do harm to any individual or to the state.

Yesterday, we came to know that 5 officials of Agriculture Department were arrested. This is only a tip of the iceberg. I may be excused for saying that around 90 % officials of the State government are heavily corrupt and should be behind the bars. The pertinent question is why the politicians are left untouched? Unless the real culprits (political masters) are caught and put behind the bars, small actions like this won’t inspire people to say ‘wow’, ‘well done’! There is a saying, fish rots from head. It is suggested that political power is required to do good to the people. But our people are in politics to loot the exchequer. Recently, Sri Sri Ravishankar stated, “Politics is mainly about caring for people and their welfare. If everyone understands this, the country will gain a lot. We need to spiritualize politics, socialize business and secularize religions. Devoid of spirituality, politics breeds corruption”.  

Deepak Mazumder,

Dowry: A curse for society

A girl’s life turns into a mess when she is tortured by her in-laws for not bringing dowry. There are two ways of asking for dowry: one is, the in-laws ask for dowry directly while on the other hand, they inflict mental torture on their daughter-in-law to bring money from her parents.

One of my friends was tortured by her mother-in-law when she was pregnt. She was not given food. They did not even think of the fact that she was carrying the child of their son. It is  sheer inhumanity on the part of human beings. They can not be called humans. They lack the minimum amount of humanity.

There are others who do not ask their daughter-in-laws to bring money; rather, they keep on telling the girl that she has not brought anything from her parents’ home. In fact, they torture her mentally. There are many laws to safeguard the women-folks but most women avoid going to the police as they are taught from childhood that their in-laws’ house is their everything. They must stay there till their last breath. In the present world, the perception is changing and women come out demanding for their rights. The parents should teach their girl child to fight for justice and not give up their integrity at any cost.

Mohua Chakraborty,