Free textbooks fiasco

Students of vercular medium schools have suffered a lot due to inordite delaying in providing free textbooks. State government took a correct decision to provide free textbooks to the students of IX & X standards. Many poor students and their guardians were elated when the government had made the announcement.  But now these students are about to lose more than two months of the current academic year as a result of the government’s failure to provide free textbooks. Questions are now being raised about the sincerity of the government. If the government itself cannot set an example of sincerity, then what can the little students expect from others?

Further, in the homes of many poor students, there is no learning atmosphere. Now, on the pretext of non-availability of textbooks, many students will give up their study habit. The State government should have been well prepared before making such an important announcement. It is  true  that supplying of   a  huge  number of  free textbooks  to lakhs of students  is  not an easy task, yet, considering the  students’ academic future, timely  distribution of textbooks  is  essential.

Maheswar Deka,