Boon of reservation!

With the passage of time, the communities which are outside the ambit of reservation start blackmailing the government into giving them at least OBC status if not scheduled caste /scheduled tribe status. But of late, it is seen that such communities go berserk in their agitation to compel government for giving them the SC/ST status. Over the past few years, even prosperous communities have been trying to blackmail the government. Even the Supreme Court has to come to the open to point out the negative aspects of reservation. Politicians play the reservation card just to strengthen their vote bank. The government, if they bow down before such unfair demands for reservation, will simply open a Pandora’s Box and encourage other communities to agitate. The apex court even reminds the government how the quota system is costing the country. It is a fact that reservations are used to divide the people for political gain. As reservations are offered indefinitely in India, many candidates of SC/ST and OBC look helplessly to the government, regardless of whether they belong to opulent or poor class, for a government job. Our successive governments, it is crystal clear, are responsible for poor intellectual growth of many. When the SC/ST candidates realize they are the blue-eyed boys/girls of the government, why at all should they toil so much for government jobs, when it comes to them so easily? Intellectual and innovative growth among most of the Indians are stunted, thanks to the boon of reservation. Can India be a match for Chi, when it destroys the intelligence of its people, playing the role of Sakuni in Mahabharat? It is for the people to decide.

Ashok Bordoloi,

Sarbanda Sonowal vis-à-vis Tarun Gogoi

Tarun Gogoi seemed to have become arrogant from the beginning of his third term in office. He did ignore the ‘the writing on the wall’. He might have thought himself as invincible. Keeping his bigger agenda in the forefront, he allowed all of his colleagues to indulge in rampant corruption. He might have forgotten that he was running a State, not his persol fiefdom. Now it is bizarre and incomprehensible to hear from him saying “I did wrong that I saved him…?”. During Mr Gogoi’s tenure, one cabinet minister from Cachar quite often  used to dance, display and distribute money in public glare. Obviously, those were not his ‘hard earned’ money. Tarun Gogoi remained only a mute spectator. He did give free hand to everybody to loot. Now, there is no point in repenting for his past misdeeds.

 After nine months in office, Sarbanda Sonowal appears to be making the same mistake, what Tarun Gogoi did in his third term in office. Mr. Sonowal, knowing and seeing all wrong happening, could not muster courage to give a dressing down to a cabinet colleague, who at the connivance of someone from Delhi, tries to hijack his government. Mr Sonowal, please do remember the saying: ‘Fortune favours the brave’. Nobody cares for a timid person. And more important point is that you were elected by Assamese people, not by Amit Shah and Ram Madhab. So decide what to do. Otherwise, the same fate like Mr Gogoi’s will befall you soon!!

Deepak Mazumder,