Assam election and after

During the last 15 years, the outgoing Tarun Gogoi government projected Assam as a highly developed State in the country through newspaper advertisements, banners, hoardings, public speeches, and through slogans like “15 years of trust, 15 years of progress”. But the reality is so pathetic that the disgusted people filly  dumped Gogoi and his party into the dustbin in the recently concluded Assembly elections. The haughty ex-CM could not even tolerate the good works undertaken by the BJP government at the Centre, and made all attempts to humiliate the Prime Minister of India by erecting big hoardings in Guwahati city, depicting the PM as joker, just before the Assembly election, viewing which, common people like us were ashamed. Gogoi,s “15 years of trust, 15 years of progress” magically vanished from 19th May. Gogoi and company tried their best to mislead the people of Assam from the good works initiated by Modi government, to win the last election. There were other initiatives — including a retired Professor with some so-called intellectuals going on sigture campaign to advice the people not to vote for the BJP. Another initiative was returning the Padma awards. The Titabor MLA and his band of fallen heroes have now seen the wisdom of the silent majority of Assam.

Gobinda Deka,
Sundarpur, Guwahati-5.

CM’s pledge  

It is highly commendable that the Chief Minister Sarbanda Sonowal has pledged to root out the problems of illegal migrants and corruption from Assam.  At the same time, I would like to request the Chief Minister to check the skyrocketing price rise of essential commodities and day-to-day required items, particularly the frequent price hike of medicines which affect elderly persons very much. Further, I think, corruption is the root cause behind  all problems in the society. Once,this problem is solved or checked, other problems will be automatically rooted out. I, therefore, request the Chief Minister and his team to give top priority  to eradicate corruption in all fronts.

Putul Sarma,
Biswath Chariali.