Road accidents in Assam

A recent newspaper report suggests that over 9,291 cases of road accidents were reported in the Northeast last year. As many as 3,106 people lost thier lives in these accidents. The 2013 and 2014 figures of road mishaps were more alarming. According to the report, among the NE states, Assam recorded highest number of accidents while galand recorded the lowest. After each major accident in Assam involving killing of several persons, the State government, particularly the Home ministry works out certain measures with top police officials how to curb such accidents. In most of the foreign countries, the alert police force showing their alacrity with tough action against the traffic rule-breakers can bridle the rate of accidents. Even in the Middle East (UAE) say Dubai, the alacrity shown by the police or law-enforcement authority is laudable and all those driving their cars do so meticulously for fear of punitive measures. But in India, particularly in Assam this sort of seriousness on the part of the drivers is a chimera.

We appeal to our Chief Minister, who holds the Home portfolio to take a tough stand towards corrupt police and transport officials, ensuring police patrolling to b those driving recklessly and those who drive under influence of alcohol as many road accidents occur due to these two factors. Further, we suggest that tainted officials of the Transport department should be transferred immediately, cutting them down to size.

Ashok Bordoloi,